Alex's Arcade Ranbats #2 1/22/11


2/3 sets
Losers can change characters
Winners are able to change ultras

Double Elimination

Entree: 4$
Venue: 1$
Ranbat pot: 3$
Total: 8$

BYO Fight Stick:
PS3 and 360.

2 ps3 set ups
1 360 set up


626 S Harbor Blvd
Santa Ana, CA 92704
(714) 775-7764.

Sign ups at 12pm
Tourney at 2pm




I’m down, sign me up!


I’ll try and be there to record top 8 again. The gf’s birthday is that day, so I can’t make any promises.


i come and get bodied again

dara you better give me a better bracket than the last one


BUMP. see youguys saturday


better bracket kthx!


see ya’ll there


Yo I’d be down for one of these if we could get Third Strike going. I know there is only 1 machine there with bat tops, I could possible bring my computer and we could play with TEs on cps3 emulator.