Alex's Arcade Results for 3s and SF4 (3/15/10)

First of all I would like to thank you everybody for coming and being patient when we had technical difficulties with the left cabinet in the beginning. Everything ran pretty smoothly even though I took 3 more people over the limit. Another reason why it went a little fast was because a lot of people got DQed since most of them either saw how good I am at dropping combos, too tired, or just didn’t know what Double Elimination means, lol.

3s Results:

  1. Hai
  2. JC Exclusive
  3. Forti
  4. Cesar
  5. Shglbmx
  6. Duy
  7. Sam
  8. Tim
  9. Geo
  10. Redrapper
  11. TheMuffinMan
  12. Christian


  1. Keno
  2. Dustin
  3. Hugo101
  4. David Reynoso
  5. Jason
  6. DJ Vest
  7. Marc Rexes
  8. Andy Huynh
  9. Kevin Perez
  10. Juan Zamora
  11. Edward Castillo
  12. Miguel
  13. Nam Ho
  14. Johnny Castillo
  15. Art
  16. Sonny
  17. Duy
  18. Rubon Viera
  19. Jonathon
  20. Luis Pedroza
  21. Oscar
  22. Israel
  23. Danny S.
  24. Edgar Valladarez
  25. Homar
  26. Mauricio
  27. David Junior
  28. Michael Wu
  29. Andy Tep
  30. Jairo Hernandez
  31. John Nguyen
  32. Andrew
  33. Tony Hun
  34. Johnathon Stelel
  35. Richard Nguyen

A2 and ST did not happen because not enough people showed up. I’m sorry for those who came and wanted to participate especially the LA guys. Next time I’m gonna do online registration only so I can get a full headcount before the tourney.

Congrats to Keno, Dustin, and Hugo for placing. Also I would like to give major props to our local player Miguel who would probably never read this. That guy has really leveled up since the past month. Also props to David Reymos for being an overall cool guy and coming out of the woodworks with his Blanka. I almost forgot, props to Jason for being too buff and wrecking the plug in the back, hahaha.

On a side note, I would like to say I try my hardest to give you guys a heads up on who is coming up next way before your match is even up. Please be responsible for your matches and be on time. I hate having to have your buddies and me looking for your matches. You are more than welcome to come to me and ask when is your match coming up or if you would like me to hold off your match. If you notice, I DQed everyone who didn’t give me a heads up that they’re gonna go eat or something. It’ll help me and everyone else a lots.

Also I read some complaints regarding the single match in Loser’s in the previous thread. Sorry guys, it’s just how we do it here at Alex’s. There is only one setup and the place is super small so having a 2nd setup is almost impossible. Just ask all of the players who routinely joins the Alex Arcade tournaments and they’ll tell you how cramped it is. Claudia is also gonna replace the stick and probably the buttons very soon. So now all you crybabies can be happy. :razzy:

Again thank you everybody for coming and I hope to see you guys next time. A 2v2 or 3v3 tournament is going to happen soon, so I’ll keep you guys posted on that.

PS someone teach me Balrog vs. Balrog, I’m so bads at it.

Fun tournament
good shit duy, Evo needs to employ u
It was fun watching all the charge characters gay eachother out
GGs to everyone i had a chance to play against and sorry for playing like ass
ill step it up next time!

Wow, if Richard placed last, i’m glad I didn’t sign up.

Good stuff last night, the last few matches were awesome. Next time more people need to cheer for Keno, I think we hurt his feelings, haha.

If Miguel’s the Fuerte player, he’s come up quick. I don’t think he’s played him for very long. I was happy to see him do what I couldn’t, in taking out Sonny.

im trash thats why.

make them shits single elim
makes for interesting and intense matches

single elim is serious

Single elim weekly or biweekly tournaments I’m down!

Where were you bro? i am down for single elim. Man style format… TRF shit lol

@duy - did any of the matches get recorded? i noticed you and jason had two laptops on the table at one point, but then one disappeared. im guessin it didnt work out?

single elimination sounds fun!

real men play single elimination >:-0

sorry man overslept
fri and sat equaled close to 20 hrs of being cracked out on SF4 (now i know how mike ross feels when he has to play MvC2 like every 3 months)
yo dustin
if i aint feeling so sluggish and if youre down
wanna team up this fri at James Games for the 2v2??

I placed without actually being there?? lol

The tourney was SUPER fun.

I will make sure I tell Miguel all u guys give him props.
I all ways tell him to play fuerte but he does not like him much. Imagine if he did like him…

That guile (Dustin) is crazy. hes the best guile I ever seen!!!

I thought Andy was going to take it for sure but I guess next time…

oh goddamnit, sonny asked me to team up yesterday. it would break his heart if i left him

i cant believe ive never teamed with you, when super comes out we gotta 2v2 guile/deejay

EDIT: Thanks Feomex!

Hahahaha, I’ll take a look at my work schedule. Maybe we can have some teams single elimination brackets soon this month. I’ll let you guys know.

@ Dustin: Well we were trying to work it but we ended up screwing it up somehow. Jason and I are gonna meet up at the arcade soon to test it out not on a tourney day next time. Hopefully we’ll find out what the problem is and get a direct feed of the recordings next tournament.

Oh yea I forgot to mention in the first post.
I’m gonna apply a new rule to picking characters next tournament. If you pick the wrong character cause you were to anxious to start your match mash on start the whole time and pick Abel or something you give your opponent a quarter for wasting his. We had a few incidents of people doing that and we had to watch Computer Dhalsim teleport around and slowly beat down your character cause you picked the wrong one.


@fuson - its Too late ! haha, oh and the tourny is on the 26th not this coming friday (19th)

@warahk - thanks for caring, lol

@duy - lets get some single elim TRF style shit going weekly/bi weekly.

thanks duy for the tourney… right side of the sticks were ok… i may show up next time…

@andyocr: Im sorry that I gay it out in our match…:frowning: i will rush down next time :slight_smile:

@Jason (The Ace) dude where your links @??? good shit though…

@Keno: Like I said we were rutting for you in our minds only…

@Warahk: You let us down and we cheered for you :(… we love you though :slight_smile:

@Duy: mirrors are fun… but the question is should I teach you the matchups???

you are the best plyer by far cause you placed… how do you do that?..not show up and being placed… look out daigo!!!

EY if you guys want some Single Round Elim then come to UCI tourneys. I always have it Single round , SBO STYLE!!!

Who the hell is HAI?

Isn’t Hai the Makoto from UCR?