Alex's Arcade SF4, 3s, A2, and ST Tournament (714 area). March 13-14th!


ahhh an interesting read.

i will be here tomorrow to win yo moneyz

u should come. i dont know where the other set up would go, there isnt a lot of extra space

doing 2/3 losers means the tournament would take way too much time, it would be like those 1 set up AI ranbats that run 12 hours, that shit is not necessary.

lol, bring it

Even though my balrog sucks ill come down

I’m in. Just curious, is their arcade a U.S. version arcade? It has the character names for non-Japan SFIV, but the sounds and layout of an Japan cabinet. Sorry just confused ‘’/

IF there is another setup, will it be arcade characters only or can we use console characters?

Couldn’t make it y’all, but good luck! Somebody update me if there’s footage.

Jayce and Richard are gonna record, but I think they’re only gonna get top 8.

I left at 5 and it was still going on! Left with1 win and 1 loss, but had to pull out early. All in all it was a fun time. Will be going to Wed night fights this week for the first time as well.

-Danny S.

Top 8 was sick. Congrats to Keno, Dustin and Hugo101.