Alex's Arcade SSF4 Tournament Jan. 8


Hey all it’s been a good while. This is gonna be a brand new season where I will be running it. This ranbat will consist of 6 tournaments. The player with the most amount of points will earn the pot at the end of the season.

Buy in 8$
3 for the ranbat pot
4 for the entree fee
1 for the venue fee (gotta pay our respects to the owners ya know what i mean)

2/3 sets

Losers can change character. Winner has to stay but they are aloud to change ultras.

Double Elimination

32 man cap. (I’ll reserve 8 spots,so post up.)

12 PM for sign ups
1:30 the tourney will start


626 S Harbor Blvd
Santa Ana, CA 92704
(714) 775-7764.

Consoles will be ps3 and xbox:
BYOS, we aint providing shit besides the game and venue

Points will be dispersed the same way as last ranbat.

Let’s welcome the year with a great, new ranbat.


address? console?


count my dirty balrog in


Sign me up.


count me in =)


Man, Richard wasn’t kidding about your bad grammar.

“Winner has to stay but they are aloud to change ultras.”

You silly goose you. I’ll probably get work off to come to the first tournament.


your are not doing sign ups 1hr before the event?
some people at the arcades don’t have access to the internet.


lol at “aloud”

i will come


let’s do this


I’ll join!


Alex, are you bringing your own 360 up there?
Cause we’ve been running 2 PS3s for a while now. Also you might want to change the first post about “BYOC”. Unless you want people to bring their own Console. I’m thinking you mean Bring Your Own STICK.


yeah im gonna bring my own set up. thanks for the tip


Sign me up pls.




totally down

Ill show up. Do i just show up and sign up or do i ask to sign up now?


wow… i’m confused.

BYOS??? Bring your own system? why have written right under, Systems will be Xbox and ps3. That makes it look like systems are their already.

Be more clear as to what competitors are to bring with them!



Usually just sign in when you show up on the day of the tourney.

Sorry, he’s stupid. :arazz: BYOS is bring your own stick.

And there’s probably gonna be two PS3 setups. There might be a 360 setup, but the tourney for the most part is gonna be played on PS3. So, bring a PS3 stick if you can. If you don’t have one, it’s probably fine because people usually just share anyways.


I suggest people bringing their own stick just in case.


BYOS and BYOC are you kidding me? Why would i wanna double up on saying System and Console? Was it really that confusing?


I will be there sliding and mashing and shit.