Alex's Arcade: Yup, we are still in business


Tekken 6 (randomly)
and many other fighting games.


626 S Harbor Blvd
Santa Ana, CA 92704
(714) 775-7764.

Hours of operation: 11:30am-11:30pm (may stay open til later on the weekend depending on the amount of people there)

Local Orange County players
Looking for Players in Irvine Ca area

O.o? What kind of cabinets? price per play? Waiting for PICS!


I’m glad that this great old school arcade has gotten SF4!! I hope a lot of people come and play so that we could bring the price down to a quarter as soon as possible. Good job Cameron for making another SF4 spot in Socal!!!


Yeah guys it took a long time for them to get a new game. They made an huge investment (about $13,000) so we gotta understand that they need to make their money back, they say that as soon as they start to see some profit they will drop the price to 25cents.

The owners are super nice (Suzie and Steve) and they would like to host tournaments in the near future.


oh damn, they shoulda came to me, I coulda gotten them for half the price. haha Will drop by sometime soon. If they want another cabinet contact me! I can get them another setup! Waiting on pics, hoping there deltas.


Deltas that’s what they are, with the little monitor on top!!!


oh hell yes… sf4 cabs in the OC


Hey guys Imma head down there from the Inland Empire and play a bit this weekend. Anyone gonna be there? The owners did their end of the deal, now it’s our turn. SUPPORT ARCADES GUYS! NOT LOLBOX LIVE!


Interesting. Might make a trip out sometime soon…


Just came back from Cameron’s, it’s a nice little place and the sfiv cabs are pretty nice. The sticks are all sanwa however they feel a little odd, probably because they haven’t been broken in yet. The left cabinet has sound however the right one does not, this is not a problem since the cabs are close enough together that the left cab alone is loud enough. Games are 50 cents each. Great place for some casual play, I can see this place becoming a big sfiv hotspot.

like mooyang said, get your ass off the couch and support the arcades!!!

Owners are very nice, too!


Just got back from it and its just as gaoser said. The Sweep didnt work on the left cabinet, sound wasnt a problem. One of the Jlf’s felt really bad though. It has already been broken in, these have been used for some time before. Hoping they fix it soon. If there is good competition i will drop by more often. But not sure atm. Cabs are from Tokyo Game Auction, the delta 32s.


I played mostly on the right cab and only played on the left cab one time, didn’t notice the sweep button not working :stuck_out_tongue:

Which one were you AyoChap? I left there around 5 PM.


i got there when you left. hahaha. maybe we could meet up there sometime?


lol for sure, I will be frequenting there since I live pretty close, we’ll run into each other sometime :stuck_out_tongue:


Yea guys please come and support Cameron’s Arcade. The owner of the place is really nice to even cough up the money to get SF4 so come donate (play) as much as you can. I’m probably gonna be there today if not then almost all of next week.

Hopefully can we start some kind of small competetion going. If I see that there are a good player base I wouldn’t even mind running a tournament sometimes soon.

I was there on Thursday night for like 30mins to check out the cabs. Couldn’t stay long cause I didn’t want my girlfriend to just sit there doing nothing. I was the skinny asian guy in the white shirt playing Ryu. I go to Cameron’s time to time actually, so some of you guys might know me. I’m like the only guy who sits there and play CvS2 time to time, lol.

Edit: For those who don’t come frequently to Cameron’s. If the buttons were to ever die out, just ask the lady and she’ll fix it right away.


Any pics of the setup? I’d love to see it(I’m a sucker for cabs).


why dont you just go see


Do you guys have an address?


Stop shouting at me!


i’ll be there tonight again! :slight_smile: