Alex's Arcade: Yup, we are still in business


Tournament? Friday? Like dat?
I’ll try and make it…


What up Alex Arcade, for all you mvc2 people who still play jill, guile x, and myself will be throwing a tourny at ffa friday nov 9th at 8pm. since ffa is closing at the end of the year we decided to make the entry fee $30 with 10% of the pot going to the house as a thank you to ralph for having ffa run for 39 years. so far i have Khaos and Illan just to name a couple of names who are confirmed to show up. lets show ffa some support in its last few months. MVC2 GET HYPE!!!


ffa is closing after 39 years?
wow, you all must be really sad

that arcade must have so much history involving so many people
I hope somebody makes a documentary about it or something…


For more information about Ralph and the closing of Japan and FFA, check out the website:

Please donate if you can, and check out the 24-hour-stream-a-thon they’re planning. A lot of heavy hitters are coming out to commentate, share their stories, and run tournaments.


hey guys dont forget that the ffa high roller mvc2 tourny is next friday nov 9th!!!


Hope to see you all at Final Round 2013. The Main event so far is VDO Vs Rappleross and that will be HYPE. Whoever gets salty can run it back at Evo 2k13, See you there!

TYS Mvc2 Final Round XVI 2013 thread: [Mar 29, 2013] TYS Mvc2 Final Round XVI 2013 (Atlanta, GA)

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Ok guys so one of the cabs went out so we will be making it a hybrid tourny, we will have a dc set up as well so byos. In the event that both players can’t decide on console or arcade, a coin will be flipped for the decison. Dont forget the tourny is tomorrow at 8pm get hype!!!


Hey all just wanted to say I had my first visit to Alex’s Arcade this past Sunday and I had a great time playing some UMVC3, $2 an hour or $6 for all day is pretty freakin sweet. The competition there is fierce I got mostly destroyed but that just makes me want to practice more and come back. Just wanted to recommend anyone who hasn’t gone yet that’s nearby to come check it out. I plan to get into SF4 too and they have two nice setup’s for that also.


This Saturday there will be a MvsC 2 Holiday Tournament held at Regency Arcade starting at 7PM w/ $5 entry fee in city of Lakewood. Be sure to arrive early for casuals/warm up prior to tournament start.


Hey guys long time no see. Any of you marvel heads can make it out to regency tomorrow for some games?


Does AA own a copy of KoFXiii on Console yet?
I’d come by more if they did


MvsC 2 Single Tournament double elimination this Sat starting at 5 PM at Regency Arcade. Entry fee $5 possibly $10 depending on number of entrants. There will be a series of MM’s follow by the tournament. Be sure to arrive early for casual gaming prior to start of tourny.


Does it get pretty busy here on Thursday nights? Flying down for a vacation/Socal Regionals and don’t feel like having to fight traffic in LA if I don’t have to.


Final Round XVI Mvc2 Exhibition Match Card Lineup. If I forget someone or you want to be added to the card let me know asap. All of these matches are confirmed + there will be a surprise exhibition match set you will not want to miss. I wont speak on it, you will just have to show up and see what happens. More matches will be added so Lets get it crackkin!
Final Round XVI Exhibition Match Card Lineup

(Main Events)
VDO Vs Rappleross

VDO Vs Rick Payton
NickGuy Vs Vegita-X
VDO Vs Skitz

(Surprise Exhibition Match)
TBA! See you at Final Round XVI

Facebook Event:
Thread: [Mar 29, 2013] TYS Mvc2 Final Round XVI 2013 (Atlanta, GA)


Cot damn, this thread is nearly extinct now!<br>Time to bump it up!<br>


Alex Arcade has a facebook group, it feels whole lot better


So mvc2 died here at Alex arcade ?


Oh the memories.


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