Alex's general game

I just started learning 3S, and Alex is one of the characters I like. after reading the threads here… what should Alex do as a general game plan? at this point I’m just learning the game still. I find his :d: :u: :k: and :hcb: :p: quite nice… also :hcb: :k: seems nice but kinda hard to land.

is there anything you can do after :qcf: :p: stuns your opponent? can’t really do a :hcb: :p: grab afterward…

Flash Chop (HP), Power Bomb (HP)

Jumping deep HP, standing close MK, Flash Chop (LP)

Flash Chop (HP), standing close MK, Flash Chop (LP)

Jumping deep HP, standing close MK, EX Air Knee Smash

Flash Chop (HP), standing close MK, EX Air Knee Smash

Flash Chop (HP), Sleeper Hold

these are among Alex best combos to work wit outside of Super Arts

Crouching MK & MP, standing far away MK are his best pokes.

standing MP is a good whiff to build bar and anti-air to set-up juggles.

I can only give u the basics here, all I know about his game is that he’s an offensive close range fighter overall. Never use f, df, d, db, b + K, some opponents can duck plus the character has to be standing on the ground.

Air dive (d.hp while in the air) while you & opponent are both in the corner airborne, you land first and as opponent falls, into EX air knee smash.

Most of Alex’s combos are just basic but good B&B’s this is probably one of his deeper combos, he does have others.

Alex I would say is an offensive & deffensive char, he has plenty of good moves & pokes to whoop some other chars ass but alot of his moves are also punishable, just mix your game up enough so the opponent fucks up, tick power bombs and so forth are good moves use.

I play alex very aggressively. Alex is very much about reading your opponent. However, reading your opponent is not easy or reliable. So, you have to train them to react a certain way. Sometimes it will happen quickly and sometimes it will take a whole match, but it always works. Do something repeatedly then switch it up.

I’d be reluctant to say NEVER use any move. As “bad” as the ddt is, no one expects it. I use it once or twice a match. Train them to block high, then get 'em. Sure, it’s risky, but if you hit them with it, it really messes with them. It’s perceived “uselessness” makes it very powerful when you land it. It’s just embarrasing.

Ddt is also good after a boomerang raid. It can land you on either side of them and then you can stomp immediately to avoid their wakeup.

I’d advise you to learn his mixups and learn his pokes. See what you like and what you don’t. If you think a move sucks, try to use it. That’s a good plan with any character. Not only do the bad moves sometimes have very good uses, but they are totally unexpected. The great thing about alex is that he doesn’t really have bread and butters. He plays however you play him.

Yes the DDT ground cross-up is good, hey SaiYuk I got some good Alex vids I can hook u up wit

which vids do u have? like to get in on this…hehe…

They’re basically combo vids, resets, juggles, corner traps and set-up’s stuff

i heard about an alex tutorial vid…i was curious to see what was in it…

either way, how can i get the vids?..

that’s great, do you have a URL to them or? you can PM me the URL(s) if so.
i don’t use anything like irc or stuff like that tho…

How do you grab with Alex? I am not talking about LP+LK, or hcb.P, or hcb.K. I am talking about that weird grab where he put his arms around your head and squeeze them to get your brain out.

That’s :l::hp: on an opponent’s back.


I was watching sometop alex player and he looked as if he did:
hp chop, mp chop, mk, ex chop. Is this possible or was I just hallucinating? :wow:

I gont know about all that.Hitting someone with fierce chop is not that simple.

Alexs ddt can work a few times on their wake up before they figure out to duck.Then thats when you overhead fierce them. :badboy:

also Im working on a set up using the ddt with standing low kick into ddt.It works 50/50 working on a better setup.

sundu is right about training your opponent.Remeber its ok to take some damage and its ok to lose a round.Once you get some trained to sit and stand its smooth sailing from there. :karate:

I find that :mp: DDT is a good counter against Dudley’s fade-back-and-come-forward-punching-to-the-gut move, if you know it’s coming. Alex should end up taking down Dudley at the fade.

I love playing mind games with the Charge down up + kick, since in can crossover, when you knock your opponent down.

You can alose link it with either crouching jab or crouching light kick, I forget which one. I have frustrated players with this.

How You Connect A SA2 After The Sleeper Hold :sad:

Somthing that helps alot man is just learning what to do in different char match ups. Chun and dudley will make you feel alex’s weaknesses. Alex is hard for a first character but if you really like him go for it. And if you have any questions etc talk to me.

Why Dont You Help Me :slight_smile:

I Cant Connect The Boomerang Raid After The Sleeper Hold :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad:

its pretty crappy and useless. but if u want to just mass that shit. :tup:

J.D you shouldnt be bothering with sa2 after the choke.Good players dont stand there and take a fierce chop unless there stunned.

Learn his other setups because there more practical.