Alex's general game

If people get a dizzy, why do they always go for FP Flash Chop, Back Drop? It does only 1 extra point of damage, compared to FK > JP Flash Chop, and it doesn’t pull them out of the corner!

And whats a good strategy vs characters with near instant wake specials? Wait 1/4 of a second after they wake up, and then do your attack? Cause meaty vs a SRK seems risky.

Muskau you brought up a good point.Fierce chop to backdrop isnt about dmg.IT doent matter to me If someone is in the corner or not my setups work all over the screen.But in thee corner I like to go Stungun-hop-Fierce chop,mk,Light chop. This leaves them blocking and still standing which leads to an overheard fierce or sweep.(From my experince I noticed everyone seems to duck…take the standing fierce then jump into the air which leads to anti air knees.)Its very funny to watch in motion.

My friends and I call it the script cause everyone follows it.

now vs char like shotos…see what they do after a knockdown.some people block some people dp.Smart players grab.a whiffed dp = free dmg.Theres a good chance if timed right Standing fierce trades with dps.

A good way to find out is to hop in and back out before they finish rising.

hey is jp mk good to throw out since it has range

On Of The Bests Alexs Mind Games If You Ask Me


My friends and I call it the script cause everyone follows it.


thats how i feel alex works too its like a script and you pretty much gotta be the director and push and pull them to react so much with alex.