Alex's Taunt

Alex’s taunt is pretty good, the longer you do it the more damage you do on your next hit. I like to bust it out once in a while on a turtle player and see how long I can get away with charging it. Then try to get the goof in a hyper bomb setup for mad damage.

Fun to do to Akuma and do like 75% life lol.

Now im a beginner Alex player but his taunt charges up his moves?

Yeah, the next move he does will do extra damage depending on how long you held your taunt for. You will rarely get a chance to use it against someone good. But against a scrub you will get opprotunities. Try it in training.

Against Ryu:

Regular hyper bomb - 73 damage

After 3 arm rotations - 81 damage

After 6 arm rotations - 96 damage

After 8 arm rotations - 104 damage

It tops out at 8 arms rotations, anything after that is wasted. Against akuma the max hyberbomb does 127 :wow: .

just a note.

you can opt to repeat the taunts as opposed to holding it. does the same thing :tup:.


is it the next move only or does it last for the rest of the round? :confused:

just for the next move

What if the move whiffs? I’ve never researched taunts like that. >_>;

Next move, combo, or super that hits. You can whiff stuff, but if they block your next attack then you lose the bonus. If they parry your attack you still keep the bonus. So only on a block is it gone.

can the taunt boost the damage of your SA too?