Alex's wake-up game

This is something I really need to work on (people catch on to my stand-over-them-and-throw-out-a-:l:+:hp:-on-wake-up tactic pretty quickly). So far, I use these mix-ups:

Opponent is waking up

  1. :l:+:hp:
  2. :hcb:+:lp:
  3. :d:+:mp:
  4. Wait to parry and/or block.
  5. :lp:+:lk:
  6. UOH
  7. Whiff some low attack x stomp
  8. :hp:

I’m waking up

  1. :dp:+:3k:
  2. Stomp or EX stomp
  3. :lp:+:lk:
  4. UOH
  5. Wait to parry and/or block

Am I missing anything good/crucial? What do you guys suggest?

I suggest using st. MK into (EX) Flash Chop and st. MK hit confirm into SA2. Those do a shitload of damage, can only be parried high and knock down the opponent. Using them will scare your opponent into eating throws and power bombs, otherwise they have very little to fear.

Also there’s no real reason to use crouching MP on wake-up, you should use crouching MK instead. It does pretty much the same thing except it can’t be blocked/parried low so it’s much less risky. Whenever it hits or is blocked, you can tick into power bomb afterwards (crouching LK works too). Then you can fake the power bomb and go for a st. HP or st. MP instead. You can also throw a few sweeps in there, you can often get away with it because Alex is scary but remember they have slow recovery.

Billy kane is right ditch medium punch for down medium kick into powerbomb.(timing requied)
As for missing something your missing the Ddt!!If they know back fierce and standing fierce are coming ddt plants them for another wake up mix up.(usually people block low after the first ddt) so mix it up with standing fierce punch and stomp.

Also you can do standing medium kick early(before they get up)forcing them to block or parry and use light chop or powerbomb for mix ups or sa2.

*edit-Also back fierce only works if they try to parry.So train them to parry standing fierceThen mix that shit up with ddts/stomps/powerbombs

Actually, what you use before you actually attack on wakeup seems just as important in my opinion, if you try and confuse the opponent with whiffed attacks/false movement before the wakeup, you can manipulate the opponent to some degree.

random noob talk

if u throw them on wake up the first time u can train them to go for a throw themselves as u shuffle in and out of range while they get up.

thats when i use hcb k, or back and fierce.

I like to use UOH, hcb + P when the opponent is waking up
or the Head Stomp cross-up, only if my opponent is stupid enough to fall for it everytime lol :smiley:

This Mind Game Works 70% Of The Time

Each Time You Land A Succesful Forward, SA2, Whiff A Jab
Then Dash And Make A Jab Power Bomb/ Kara Throw
If You Land The Power Bomb And Your Opponent Has No Meter

Buffer And Whiff A Short ElbowSlash To Get Close, Most Of The Time They Will Try To Grab You
Buffer A Short Stomp

And If You Land A Kara Throw
Go For The Meaty Forward
Just Be Careful With The Wake Up Super