Alhambra/San Gabriel/San Marino?


Anyone around this area? I don’t have a car or anyone who can take me very far atm so I’m just curious if anyone is around my area. I live on the corner of Alhambra in San Gabriel. All of my friends are in riverside so I have no one to play with atm lol


Im in pasadena if your ever down for umv3


I’ll be back in Alhambra for two weeks in June (16-30) and I’m down to play! I live on the border of Alhambra, LA, and Monterey Park. I’ll also be back for the month of August.


I’m from Rosemead. I’ll be around once the UCs let out which is still a good month or so from now lol


I would love to play with you guys! I mainly play UMVC3 and SkullGirls. I’m ass at AE but I enjoy playing it and wouldn’t mind getting better.


Also from Rosemead here. I’ll be down to play pretty much whenever, just PM me or something