Alhambra SGV

anyone from alhambra here? if so, add my psn for some sf4! :slight_smile:

I’m from the area, if you ever wanna play hit me up on psn and if you wanna arcade it up im always at ai every other day or so

my friend lives in Glendale, whenever i go down there we should try to get together for some games. I have sticks, so we could have a setup at someones house

That sounds like a good idea, I could probably arrange for something soon at my house so we could have a small get together/tournament.

I’m 15 minutes away from there.

If there is enough interest out there maybe we can get a small gathering at my place

**I’m down. **

Cool well if we can get more people I’ll try and set up a day on the weekend and as well get in some practice for evo at the same time

i’ll be availible for sure when transformers 2 comes out…saving up some money after burning over 100 bucks the last two weeks :frowning:

theres also a possibility for next weekend…big maybe. I need to see if my friend lets me stay down his place, if i have enough train tickets, and some cash for a double feature of Up and Drag me to Hell

I would like to get some practice before evo but next weekend I’m not free so I think around the June 13th or 20th weekend would be good. If you could bring down 2 arcade sticks it would be cool and if more people are interested it would be awesome.

Yeah same here, EVO July 17!

Drag me to Hell looks sick, but its PG13… :rofl:

I have to wait until next week to buy my second stick for PS3, this week I bought my XBOX stick… and yes… I have SFIV for both systems… :lol:

Awesome, well depending on what system most people own then we will use that system. So if most of us coming have a 360 then go a head and bring 360 sticks and pads if you use them.

As for me I have about 4 sticks for the PS2 which I use with my PS3 with a converter and I’m getting a PS3 virtua stick soon so that will be awesome. As far as 360 I’m gonna wait to get a Blazblu stick for it

i have a couple 360 sticks if you ever feel like playing 3s, remix, or st. have an hrap3 also.

Thats sweet I’m always down to play any of those games. I also got a dreamcast and saturn with a few sticks and great games like x men vs street fighter, street fighter alpha 2 and 3, marvel vs capcom 1 and 2, and a bunch of others so I got a better variety on older systems than on newer systems.

I’m down to get in on this. I live in Monterey Park.

Alright well I’m gonna cap the number of people at my house to about 5 or 6 and that doesn’t include people who I know. As far as what day I’ll let all of you know on here so you can let me know if its alright with all of you.

I’m trying to focus on SF, that’s all I play, but I wouldn’t mind playing another game… By any chance, do you guy’s play any of the 3D games?

like, 3s with 3-d glasses?


Remember, bring stick/pads and 3d glasses. ** :rofl:

Im down. PM please.