Alice, South TX Tournament (Alice Regionals) -- Results

Not too sure whats going on with this tournament (remember, I was no in charge, only advertise) and gave notice to the person running it to post up results.

However, it looks like nothing is being done about it. So with that said, I decided to come out and make a Results topic for the tournament.

Smash Bros. Brawl out of 18(?)
1st - PozerWolf
2nd - Steve
3rd - Faulty Defense

Marvel vs Capcom 2 out of ??
1st - Hamm
2nd - James
3rd - Burgers (REAL NAME)

3rd Strike out of 4 (round robin)
1st - ???

Guilty Gear AC was canceled and was almost replaced for CvS2… which would gotten less entries… which makes me wonder why GGAC was canned and 3S still went on. IM CONFUSED, but oh well.

I was told that more info would be updated at there website:

But… I dunno, we will see.

Wasn’t 2nd for Marvel James?


I’m going to need full results of each event if anyone remembers >_>

I know the dude by sight who got 3rd, but I don’t know his name or SRK name. All I remember is I think I saw him playing Santhrax a lot.

Wasn’t 3rd that guy Burger or something, because I remember him being all pissed off. Supposedly I got 4th but who knows.

If its a big guy with a boondocks cap and wears glasses, its Burgers. lol

Ah, I wish I could have come to this. Shortage of money and no ride sucked x_x. Good shit to everyone.

It was a badass tourney. I just ended up really sucking for some reason again. Next time y’all.

I still wish there was more support from the Alice side.

Ah, oh well.
There thinking of doing it again sometime around early summer.

Hopefully something will go down again ;o

Count me in definitely whenever y’all decide to do it.

LOL I posted this in the wrong thread.

Good shit to all the placers. Damn I really wish I could of gone but my work schedule and my money being tied towards Battle at the Border kept me from attending. Next time something like this happens I definitely try my best to show up.

Again good shit to all who placed.


yeah that was me i got no love those 3 rounds just wasnt playing right thats i was like pissed damn my execution well youll see in the vids.:shake:

real name is danny btw :smiley:

lol that sucks Burger, I hate when I can’t play right. If there’s a tourney in the summer, I’ll show up for sure.

No he lies his real name is Burgerz.:lovin:


Been re-editing the list for every post that comes up.

Ermmm… hope what I have is correct, lol.

Also, I just realized that the marvel footage was all captured on cam while the Brawl was all thru captured on a cap card.

Brawl footage might be posted sometime this week on the website. But judging the way there site has been created, it seems to be advertising random Melee tournaments and I’ve yet to ever see this tournament advertise on the site =/

Odd… but whatever.

well burgers is uploading the videos and has like 2 of them up for marvel so well see what happens

Wish i woulda gone but these fucks left without tellin me LOL.

damn what happened joe? see all you cats at trashday next week! marvel is doing it big this year!