Alice, South TX Tournament (Alice Regionals) - Saturday, March 29

Alice, South TX Tournament (Alice Regionals) - Saturday, March 29

Alice has yet to see any kind of tournament in quiet sometime, but lately the scene in Alice has been slowly growing. Enough to be able to host our own Alice Regionals located at North Point computers on March 29 (Saturday).

Please Note
Please bring your own controller.
And if possible, please bring Consoles, Games, and CRT TVs to help the tournament for its needs in trying to help it run a little better/faster. The more support, the better!

– Schedule –
Games that will be hosted are:
Super Smash brothers Brawl (Wii) - 2 PM
Marve Vs capcom 2 (dream cast) - 3 PM
Street fighter 3rd Strike (ps2) - 4 PM
Guilty gear Accent core (ps2) - 5 PM

All games will be played on console.
Side games such as Fist of the North Star (ps2) or Tekken 5 DR (ps3) may be added as a side tournament, however nothing is guaranteed.

** Please note that the schedule is not set on stone, some events may be delayed.

– Rules –

  • Please bring your own controller.
  • All rules are arcade standard (except for Brawl)
  • Don’t use any game breaking glitches for any game that will prevent the match to continue.
  • If you win with your character, you have no choice but to stay as that character until you have lost (except for Brawl)
  • If you pause in a middle of a match, your opponent has the option to choice to have you losing that match or having a do over.
  • No refunds once you have started your first match in the tournament.
  • Please stay by the station of the game you are playing whenever the tournament starts. If your name is called and you do arrive within’ 3 mins, you will be Disqualified.

** Special Rules for Brawl.

  • Played on 3 stocks, 6 minutes.
  • No Items.
  • No Sudden Death. When time runs out, whoever had the least percent of health wins.
  • Going based off the stages that are banned from the
    5 main neutral stages which are:
    BattleField, Final D, Meta Knight’s Stage, Animal Crossing Stage, and Pokemon Stad (Melee Version)

Also, please don’t act stupid.
In other words, don’t act childish. I don’t want to hear baby excuses on why you lost or why you can’t win. When the tournament starts for that portion of the game there will be NO CASUALS until that portion/game of that tournament is over.
If you are playing casuals, you will be given one warning, but if you are cough again after being warned you will be DQed (yum, ice cream… no but seriously).

No drugs allowed around the North Point Computers area, but I’m sure you guys know this by now… I hope…

– Location –
Town: Alice, Texas ( Zip Code 78332 )
Name: North Point Computers
Address: 62 South King St.
Website: (the site is unfinished)

This will be the location of the tournament, at a computer repair shop that also hosts card game tournaments. Anymore info on this, please post up on this topic or contact these people:

Rickey: 3612074061
Erix: 3614741151
John: (only thru AIM as PozerTheMonkey)

– The Fee –
Entry Fee: $5 - Only pay once to enter the tournament.
Enter Game: $10 - Pay for each game that you enter.

The usual prize pot split will go as usual from the “enter game” amount by 70/20/10. The Entry Fee will not add on to the prize pot.
Brackets will be set to somewhat random but to a point where your playing someone you don’t know in the first set.
Brackets will be set at Double Elimination.

Show some support to Alice, let’s help grow the fighting game scene in Texas.
Support the fighting game community, just join and have fun!

Sounds like a good time, how far from SA is Alice?

It’s about 2 hours.

BTW, just to note I’m actually not in charge of this tournament (sort of).
Friends of mine are trying to get it hosted at the computer store, and I’m trying to advertise it.

Hope the turn out is good ;o

Nice. You can count on me then.

you can count us there.

we need a rematch joe
= p
same for you sinister X

anybody else going?

Absolutely, I resolve to beat you at least once in a money match.

And no more Tron, I’ll bust someone else out next time. :nunchuck:

I guess I can go

no CvS :(??

I’ll be there. :slight_smile:

Sorry, not this time around… well it does not look like it.

EDIT: Added a rule, lol ;o

  • Please stay by the station of the game you are playing whenever the tournament starts. If your name is called and you do arrive within’ 3 mins, you will be Disqualified.*

I will probably go.

Word is slowly spreading about the tournament but it seems like we may see some Corpus plays in the past Corpus tournaments hitting up this as well as random 3S and Marvel Kingsville players.

Unsure who they are, I didn’t even know anyone played in Kingsville ;o

Also, it may be possible for a CvS2 side tournament, but its nothing I can guarante.

If there happens to be one, lets try to get it hosted as soon as possible.
Hell, I’ll help run the CvS2 side tourny if it goes down.

Yeah we play Marvel here in Kingsville, I might take some friends for the hell of it.

word im down ill prolly hitch a ride with ham and if you need some dreamcast’s im pretty sure we can bring some along.

Ah, cool.
With that said, by any chance do you know Ricky or Sean?

Anyways, with the release of Brawl, hope to see more people joining in on that game!!


Sean the red head? Then yeah I know him lol

Yeah, we call him white boy Sean, but he don’t like being called that.
He thinks his Mexican, but C’MON!! Look at his last name, lol :rofl:

But yeah, lets see how much the Alice scene reps this tournament.
They have a good amount of people last time I was there. Hell, its enough for just Alice + Kingsvile to do there own thing and its good.

Let’s see how many heads show up this time ;o

lol yeah I know that dude. He fucken cut off his hair. He would usually play 3rd Strike here at the university.

I have some friends that want to play in the Marvel and 3rd Strike tourney since that’s all we play here.

Still looking into going to this, Pozer. Anybody can give me a ride from San Antonio? I can give gas money. I live on the north side, near UTSA.

I am shocked that there is talk about having CvS2 prior to me posting about it. Haha.

Yes Im all for a cvs tourney
Im trying to get better.

Well see you guys there