Alien Covenant / Prometheus / Aliens / AvP / Discussion Thread


Blomkamp imo is somewhat underrated. people aren’t taking in account all the sneaky stuff he puts in his films which flesh out the universes.


Sir Ridley says he has a script for the next movie and they should start filming next year.


Meet Walter, powered by AMD

Interesting way to do a product placement, I’m guessing this means Walter in the movie doesn’t go on any killing rampages.

Rarely anything insightful in the youtube comments but I noticed this

“Ash - Alien
Bishop - Aliens and Alien 3
Call - Alien 4
David - Prometheus
They just gonna skip E through V? There goes tradition…”

To which another user replied
“D for David being the 4th letter in the alphabet, and W for Walter being the 4th letter going backwards from the end of alphabet, might indicate that David and Walter will be polar opposites.”*


I think its incredible that some people just instinctually pick up on stuff like that. Id just go straight into a hate filled tirade if I cared about it enough.


Prometheus had great concepts, great ideas and a great cast behind it.

Problem was, from a filmmaking stand-point, it was an incompetently made piece of shit. I’m hoping Ridely Scott hasn’t gotten over the hill like George Lucas.

This guy gets it and breaks things down:


“Incompetently made” is a bit harsh, cinematography, score, casting were excellent.


That’s like saying a person has no idea how to bake a cake, but at least they had the highest quality ingredients during their attempt. If they don’t know how to make a good cake, the end result will turn out terrible regardless of how good the ingredients they used were.

That was Prometheus. Great concept, great ideas, casting, budget, soundtrack, promotional material, etc. And the end result SUCKED so HOARD!

Because evidently Ridely scott was rusty as hell after all these years and forgot how to properly structure/direct a movie. Then you had Damon lindelof pulling his special brand of bullshit with the script and, the whole thing was a mess.



Fair analogy :rofl:


Uhhhh. Getting flashbacks of Prometheus already with this Walter promo. Not a good sign. It’s just like the ones with David.


Posted that already scroll up


New poster :wow:


Poster is actually pretty sick.





I hope that pretentious crap doesn’t make it into the final film. That was part of the reason Prometheus was such a fail.


if you cant wait, i recommend watching Life
gave a bit of alien vibe and was pretty good


I went and saw Life yesterday. It was certainly a fun movie. Nothing ground breaking, but it was a tense, fun ride. Not particularly scary though.


Chris Stuckmann is doing Alien re-reviews
This one on Alien 3 studio interference is worth watching




Considering I am an enormous fan of the Alien Franchise, I am surprised I haven’t posted here before. Will subscribe.

Quick run through.

Alien - Love
Aliens - Really really like
Alien3 - LOVE!!! Favorite, especially Assembly Cut.
Alien Resurrection - It’s okay as an offshoot. Story of Ellen Ripley ended with 3 anyway.

Prometheus - Took me a while to get around but love it now. So happy that Ridley came back.

Cannot fucking wait for Covenant.


Prometheus was such a turd I just can’t get excited for this. Hope it defies my expectations.


If anything the trailer gives the impression we’re going to get very little “Prometheus” and more “Alien”.


The new tv spots with new scenes mixed in with the old trailer.

Look at the size of that face hugger!!. Correct me i I’m wrong but I think it’s supposed to be the “royal face hugger” that gives birth to the queen.