Alien: Isolation New E3 footage


Timeline and plot stuff really interesting read if you’re a fan of the franchise:









Game play impression:

Developer interview:

-Based on Alien not Aliens
-No hordes, just a single alien
-Alien is only semi scripted, no defined patrol, it’s pathing changes depending on player action and movement
-“Defensive weapon crafting”
-Multiple ways to play through game
-No “lock and load” moments
-“Amnesia in space”
-8-10 Hours

Very worthwhile preview impression and developer interview:

I’ve never played Aliens: Colonial Marines nor am I familiar with Creative Assembly, but I’ve seen enough videos of A:CM to be super skeptical of any new Alien game especially produced by SEGA and there are at least a dozen developers who I’d pick to make an Alien game before guys known for an RTS franchise. That being said my skepticism has morphed into cautious optimism after seeing the short tidbit of game play shown, visually it looks a lot like a first person Dead Space with less vibrancy which is ironic since DS ripped off Alien in a lot of ways. Also, I’m not sure if “Amnesia in Space” is a correct comparison just yet, but it clearly has potential and looks visibly survival horror rather than shootbang…let’s hope it stays that way.

I’m pleasantly surprised it’s being released this year given how recently it was announced, hope it isn’t rushed out to assembly like Colonial Marines was.


I’m not going to shit on this based solely on CM, these developers had nothing to do with that shit pile and I’ve seen a lot of people condemning Isolation already. This has a lot of potential to be great.


I’m not one to get very excited over games (especially survival horror stuff) but this looks fucking hype as all fuck.

I’m gonna die so many times.


Fool me once or twice, shame on you.

Anyone who picks this game up and becomes depress due to it not living up to expectations deserve it.


Creative Assembly non-Total War games have been ass. No hype for this one


From what I’ve read Aliens: Colonial Marines failed because Gearbox stopped developing it to work on Borderlands and Duke Nukem Forever, so Timegate stepped in to finish and fucked it up, and by the time Gearbox took control back they only had a few months to make the release date.

SEGA is pretty hit and miss as a producer, but they and Creative Assembly are very well aware of the uphill PR battle they’re fighting currently, so as long as neither company gets sidetracked by other projects I have at least a little confidence Alien: Isolation will deliver on it’s promise.


“No hordes, just a single alien.”


Alien VS Predator last gen by Sega is the best Aliens OR Predator game to come out in a LONG time.


Glad theres only one Alien. The Xenomorph shouldn’t be fodder.


This looks like a slower-paced Alien game that’s relying on atmosphere a little too much(AvP was very atmospheric too, but it had a lot more going on than that.) Only dealing with a single Xenomorph at a time sounds boring as hell.

It’s all about the old AvP games from last-gen and last, last-gen. They’re king of all the Alien or Predator games I’ve played over the years. The Predator beat 'em up was awesome, too.

Edit: Oh yeah, the Aliens weren’t “fodder” in AvP, either. They could traverse walls and do all kinds of crazy shenanigans, and if you aren’t prepared you could get overwhelmed by their sheer numbers(coop in that game was crazy, Aliens are just relentlessly rushing you and your teammates down.)


Yeah. One detailed xenomorph operating under an AI director like the special infected in Left 4 Dead is much more preferable than countless bullet sponges. Sonicabid is just mad this is survival horror rather than shootbang.


This is what I’ve been waiting for.

I like Aliens, but I fucking love Alien.

Alien was an amazing sci-if horror and it’s about damn time someone translated it into a game. I’m tired of them running the dudebros with guns in space shit into the ground, I’ve always wanted a game where they go back to the way the first movie was, and they are finally delivering.

The reveal in that gameplay video of the Alien towards the end was god damn bone-chilling, I was actually startled when he turned and it was there. I’m also really excited by the way they’re handling the AI of the Alien as well. Not much scripting, but it hunts and can appear randomly. They said in that video that it can detect you based on sight, sound, “scent”, and it can “sense” you and is constantly following your trail(a trail that disappears after a period of time, so you can maybe shake him depending). Meaning you will have a constant sense of “if I don’t hurry up and do this shit he will eventually find and kill me, if I don’t accidentally run into him first”. I also like the fact that it doesn’t just walk around like a derp, it can actually go through ventilation and scale walls and such, meaning locking doors behind won’t always be good enough.

Iike what I’m seeing and hearing so far. I know this game will be great, where as I though CM was goin to be shit from the get go and I was right. And I don’t judge a companies previous works unless those works are of the same genres. If a group is notorious for bad fighting games I’m not going to assume that a racing game they decided to make will be bad, they haven’t had a track record with that type of thing.

What this is looking like, and what I hope it actually is, is a mixture of Outlast/Amnesia, and Gravity.

Only thing that could be better than this would be a game about The Thing.



I like survival horror. I just don’t like slow-paced survival games that have very little going on at any given time(Amnesia. ZZZZZZZZZZZZ.)

Did you guys even play the 2010 AvP game? It’s awesome and was very atmospheric.


I love that game, but that’s AvP, and there have been more than plenty Aliens/AvP games already.

This is Alien.

Slow and scary, like the movie Alien, which hasn’t been done in game form for this franchise.


I want my Alien games to be more like Aliens. Would love another game in the vein of Aliens Infestation.


I think in the first video posted, the two guys doing the review touched basis on the issue that will arrive from this game. THe fact that after 5-6 deaths you dont get scared any more. And with enough practice, you will know exactly how the Alien operates (they mentioned it was pretty scripted). I dont see the replay value once you know how to avoid the alien.

Another thing that kind of off is that fact that you can hide/duck behind things while the Alien is right in front of you. Alien have incredible senses that they can sense you meters away. You cant hide from them…


Well of course it’s going to be a little scripted, it has to react to certain things in certain ways for the game to accomplish certain things, but the way they describe it makes it seem like it will have a flowchart of actions instead of being a cheap bot or a glorified Metal Gear enemy, that it won’t always be at point A or B, that it can even appear genuinely randomly. It actually hunts you, instead of patrolling like other video game horror enemies. It doesn’t have a pattern, and it has adaptive AI. And they say that there are multiple threats besides the Alien in the game as well.

And the “stops being scary after 5-6 deaths” thing is BS. Things that you can barely see sneaking up on you and appearing when you least expect them(and sometimes even if you do) will always be scary to some degree. If that statement were true these types of games wouldn’t be popular, people would play one game and be too brave to be affected by the others.

This game is going to have as much replay value as any other barebones survival horror(or more depending on how they handle it, we just don’t know very much right now) or single player game, which isn’t a whole lot. But that’s a given, and it doesn’t mean it will be a bad game. It’ll get a handful of dlc as well, like the last couple of Aliens games from Sega.

If you like semi-weapon less survival horror, you’ll probably like and be happy for this game, if you don’t, then oh well, wait for then next Aliens/AvP game, it’ll come.


If they can create the tension and scares of running into Nemesis from RE3 then I’d say they are on the right track.


If it’s pretty much just Amnesia but in another shell , i do not think i would be interested considering
how boring and non-scary i thought Amnesia was… ah well !

Game looks good tho! :slight_smile:


This game is obviously made for VR


You think every 3D game is obviously made for VR.