Alien Life Found On Venus?

Bullshit. Venus is uninhabitable.

Seeing how Venus is the hottest planet in our solar system and rains acid 24/7 it seems highly unlikely. This kind of reads as sensationalism without any supporting evidence.

Although a part of me leans to the fact that we have animals that feed on toxic hydrogen sulfide and live in temperatures of 300+ degrees celsius near deep sea vents.

Who’s to say that aliens have to live on the same stuff as humans?

By humans…

Not saying this article is true but I love how you take the human standard and force it on all possible life elsewhere. You are the epitome of the human species. ‘If we can’t, nothing can…’

For all our dumb asses know there could be some form of life on the sun.

your mom’s toxic vagina is more inhabitable than the supple plains of Venus, yet life exists in that area. Life doesn’t = walking breathing animals, ie humans. Life can be as simple as 1 cell organism which feed of hydrogen sulfide or arsenic etc.

The fuck out a here

Some of the comments on that article are pure comedy lol.

There’s a lot more to it than that, but if there’s one thing that decades of astronomy has taught us, it ain’t some Star Trek community of humanoids right in our backyard. We should at least assume that the nearest intelligent lifeform, wherever the hell that is, doesn’t have much if anything in common with us.

yeah pretty much WS. They thought nothing could live without sunlight until they went to the bottom of the ocean, or near those volcanic vents. We have no idea how life exists outside of our planet. Just because a planet is hotter or colder than earth, doesn’t discount the chance of alien life, in some form.

Venus has a surface temperature of 400+ degrees Celsius lol. It’s been proposed that Venus used to be a lot like Earth until it had some global warming catastrophe and lost most of it’s water. I forgot the existence of microorganisms, but they are to be honest, very scarce and very irrelevant for the next millions of years.

That scorpion image is probably the illusion of the greenhouse effect.

And, nothing lives on our Sun. It’s too fucking hot, take a basic astronomy course.

Big difference, Earth has water while Venus barely has any.

While I agree with you that nothing PROBABLY lives on the sun (due to the heat and gravity), I laugh that you tell him to take an astronomy course, then proceed to:

tell him that. WE need water to live. Other life forms don’t.

I believe what the aznboy is saying

asians know about these things

Agreed. My point is, the article makes no attempt in convincing me otherwise. I do believe that life can potentially sprout from even the most subjectively extreme scenarios, but in this case an extraordinary claim needs extraordinary evidence.

On a personal note, I’ve always imagined we even have what I dubbed “HALs” or High-Altitude Lifeforms, microscopic organisms that might have their own ecosystem at heights far past the troposphere. It wouldn’t be a surprise if a chemically rich planet like Venus couldn’t have life in its atmosphere.

more news and a picture of our future scorpion overlord:

Man that scorpion picture is convincing. :coffee:

Venusians are women. Read a fucking book, scrubs.

I didn’t believe at first, but NOW that I see the picture…





You know it’s weird, but I’ve never even pondered as to how these scientists could put a probe on a planet that’s raining sulfuric acid with 400+ degree surface temperatures and not have it be destroyed within seconds? I guess the instruments must be well sealed and they use strong alloys…?

Russian scientist
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