Alien Swarm: 4 Person Co-op Shooter, FREE on Steam

Just released today, going to try it out now. I see tons of people from SRK on my friends list on this already, and I hear it’s fully moddable. Shit is going to be insane!!

Alien Swarm re-released with Source upgrade [VIDEO] -

Yeah I have it dled already, it has a huge desktop crashing problem right now. It does that to me everytime.

how does this compare to the original? not sure if i’d bother to play it if its all the same.

I played the tutorial stage and game is cool. Unfortunately anytime I try to Find or Create a match, the game crashes.

I played it a bit tonight. It’s really fun. Doubt there will be much replay value, unless the mod community takes off, but it’s a good game. Free or not.

Look me up, I’m playing right now. Name is Galactic.


if you like this game
play alien shooter 2 reloaded

its the best (imo) overhead shooter ever made
its single player, but its gorier than shit and the gore and guts never dissapear
it looks like diablo 2, but thats meaningless, it adds to the game


got my hat im done. peace

Right now it’s only one campaign, so yeah, replay value is limited. Pretty fun first campaign though. I used to love the original Alien Shooter series, and this is very reminiscent of that. The 4 player co-op with semi specialized roles is what’s keeping me interested right now.

Loving the little details as well, like the video slow mo replays of certain kills in the little screen on the side.

Remember that you can add your own music as well in the audio options!

Downloaded it yesterday and played with a few friends. It was more fun than I originally thought.