Alien versus Predator

I’ve been playing AvP 2 for about 7-8 years now, so the new game coming out has definitely caught my interest. I downloaded the demo, and wrote up a review.

Alien Versus Predator demo by Rebellion. Review

Rebellion, I have to ask, if there was a thorough inspection of the demo, or was it hastily released to the public before the actual games release in a week? I’ve been really uncertain about the game play at first, from seeing teasers and trailers, so I took the liberty to play the demo on the PS3. It was incredibly long and painful to wait in match making, just for a demo. A problem, that I hope is fixed or doesn’t exist in the full release.

The actual game play felt clunky at first, being a AvP2 PC player, the odd and I find, very uncomfortable playstation 3 controller made it difficult to maneuver around. Choosing my old friend, the Alien, I quickly noticed several things missing from previous games. A quick summary, the Alien Drone requires much skill to win or even score a kill with. It isn’t the charge forward, aim straight and kill class, and will not be forgiving to any player who attempts to do so. The lack of quick successions in melee really play as a disadvantage for the Alien in close quarters combat against other species(Predator specifically), at first, the Alien seems to have many disadvantages and is the worst race of the three, which is, true.

However; the Alien drone is fast, it can walk on walls, it has a huge jump, and when you sneak up close enough behind your opponent, an option to use the execution kill will be made readily available. Pressing it will cause your alien to leap forward and pierce your enemy through the stomach, for a quick and stealthy kill. Aliens are also able to smell the pheromones of other creatures, such as human and predator, this allows the Alien to see their opponents through walls if in their proximity. It also renders the predators cloaking technology useless.

The Human race is the safest class of the three. The human plays much like any other FPS. They are an all around good class. Starting off, the human comes equipped with a Pulse Rifle, a Pistol, and Stim packs for healing… Scattered around the map, you will find different types of guns and ammunition, such as the shotgun and sniper rifle. If you can make your way to a shotgun before an Alien creeps up on you, you have a melee option, which, manages to stun the Alien long enough to twirl around and put sixty holes in to it’s carapace. Humans are fragile, slow, but they have the solution for both classes.

Humans are also equipped(not by choice) with a movement radar, which displays white dots. This comes in handy when aliens try to charge you while on the ceiling, or when a predator uses his cloaking technology to preform a trophy kill. The disadvantage to this is that it only operates in the direction you are facing.

The Predator, by far the most powerful of the three races. A good amount of health, swift in melee, his weapons can instantly kill all three races. The Predator in the demo, starts off equipped with only his wrist blades. Scattered across the map are the more broken tools, such as a shuriken, the plasma caster, and the combi spear, also you’ll find energy ports throughout the map to recharge your energy. I wasn’t able to find out if the health function from AvP2 was in this game, but I can assume that predators will be able to heal, using a portion of their energy. Another craft advantage is the ability to cloak, making it difficult for human players to spot you.

They can beat out an alien in melee, out range and kill a human. What are the disadvantages to this race? That’s a good question. The indestructible predator will win in a 1v1 match, hands down. It’s biggest disadvantage, from what I’m predicting and can tell, is that the predator cannot handle stress or pressure. It is a real hit and run character, and vulnerable to swarms of aliens or gunfire of humans. The human Pulse rifle rapid fired, will kill the predator before they may use their weaponry.

The online match making, is, garbage. It took forever to play my first game, and that only lasted ten minutes. The graphics are superb, the animations themselves are fantastic, and the controls were not as sloppy as I have imagined. With the game coming out soon, I’m uncertain if I will buy the game, the game play is solid, but the online match-making was discouraging.

It’s a new direction, and there is a lot more to be said than what I have written.

EDIT: The races are much more respectively tuned to their movie counter-parts, it’s pretty balanced.

How many of you will be buying the game on release?

Sounds like Natural Selection.

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Damn you To Catch a Predator!

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