Aliens vs Predator (PS3, 360, PC) - Get hype. Get to da choppaaaa!


I didn’t see a thread for it so… presto!

I’m pretty hyped up about this one since I’m a fan of both franchises.
Trailers so far look promising.

3 campaign modes (Alien, Predator, Marine)
Online multiplayer (deathmatch, team deathmatch, species team deathmatch, 4 player horde co-op against Xenomorphs, Predator Hunt)

USA: 02/16/2010
EU: 01/19/2010

Rated: R! (Those Predator thropy kills are wicked sick!)

Developer: Rebellion
Publisher: Sega

Marine trailer:


Alien Trailer:


Predator trailer:


Multiplayer trailer/interview:


Weyland Yutani trailer:


Lance Henriksen interview + gameplay footage:


Killmove trailer (Oh yes 18+ stuff :stuck_out_tongue: )


And remember… If it bleeds it can kill you.



get hype theme.


I’ve been following the progress of the game since it was first announced, so yeah, I’m pretty hyped for this game. Sounds like they’re really put some serious effort into this game.


The old games were pretty boss, and I love unique FPS multiplayer like this game, as well as the Alien and Predator franchises, so yeah, I’m actually pretty hype for this. I just wonder if the Marine campaign is gonna be as intense as it was in the 2nd one… cause it was one of the coolest survival horror experiences ever.


Same developer as originals = must buy first day.

If the MP is half as good as the originals then it will be all good.


The first one was good, the only thing somewhat lacking was the single player experience, this time however they seem to bring out some big stuff… (Lance “Bishop” Henrikson i.e.)

Predators are also able to playback human voices just like the flicks… should prove to be fun :wgrin:


I’ve been full hyped for this game. Been watching all the old movies again lately and I really want to get in on the action. Never played any of the old AvP games though so this will be my first one. After watching all the trailers, I will be getting this games as soon as it hits the streets.


Looks promising, here’s hoping it will do the 2nd AvP game honor.


The Steam integration for the PC version and L4Desque co-op survival mode alone are enough for me to jump on this day one.


Fuck MW2


team xenomorph!

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In my local Indian casino, they have the AVP slot machine, I won like $40 on it last week lol.


I hope Gamestop has the Predator Hunter Edition for Pre-order. I want that facehugger.


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and yes this game will be more amazing than the first 2

update: putting up my old avatar to celebrate


Only played a little of the first one aloooong time ago. Didn’t know about this 'till today. Pretty pumped for this.

How should playing as the aliens be approaced? MGS style?


Hyped for this, and I love Predator as much as any guy (I’ve watched the movie over a dozen times, and like most of you guys, memorized a good amount of the lines) but damn… some of the pred trophy kills are excessively violent. I’m kinda torn on whether I like that or not.


Yeah they do. I’m going to pre-order that during the weekend. Looks nice.

As for the game can’t wait. However the only Alien vs Predator game I played was beat 'em up one made by Capcom. I still play it to this day.


The multiplayer is gonna be so fun.


This game looks so fucking sexy.


Well on the other hand some Predator kills (i.e. Billy’s skull rip) in the movie weren’t really subtle either… But it’s still a matter of taste of course.

Hmm… first Chris Redfield and Soundwave and now Yautja and Xenomorph eh?
That orgy of yours is becoming a bit too weird for my taste :lol: :razz: