Alienware AW2210 vs. ASUS VH236H. Which one?


I currently have both monitors ordered, but debating which one to keep. I got Dell to sell me the Alienware AW2210 for $230 ($30 more than what it was on black friday) so please put aside the money factor between the two in my case, thanks ;).

I’ve been reading that the Alienware monitors were lagging at EVO2k10, but also read that it was only on the main stage due to a passive hdmi splitter. Also I saw Cicada’s input lag test for the AW2210 for HDMI, and it was constantly behind by 10ms, sometimes more, sometimes less, but also his DVI-D test showed in sometimes out performing his CRT. I read a couple responses to this saying it might have to with his video card, and to quote “oh and another thing i noticed is on DVI your LCD is ahead of the CRT likely because that monitor is updating full frames at a time when v-sync is on so the CRT’s scan line is lagging behind the LCD panels update speed.” The person who wrote that also was curious to why the HDMI was about 10ms behind when DVI-D and HDMI are identical.

So back to my original question… which monitor is the best between the two? Putting in consideration input lag first, and everything else after that. Anyone have experience with both monitors and can vouch for one or the other? I’m sure they’re both great, but really want keep the one with the lowest input lag without having to open both of them up when they arrive and get charged a restocking fee. I know a great deal of you love your VH236H, but not many people really comment on their AW2210.

Thank you so much for your time, and hopefully some of you have first hand experience with both monitors.


You already made a thread about this…what is your malfunction?