Alienware Game Pad

Anyone have or have used this? I just picked up a silver one but I have only been able to find 2 reviews for it, one really good and one really bad. I don’t think I can return it if I open it so hopefully someone can help me out. This will not be for fighting games obviously. If it sucks I will exchange it for a Logitech Cordless Action since that seems like a safe bet.

Just get a sony ps2 pad and the usb adapter from Radioshack. Trust me, I own the POS alienware one.

Good to know. I don’t really care about the USB connection I just wanted something OTHER than a Sony Dualshock. I’ll probably go with the Logitech since I could use something wireless.

Or just get a wireless PS2 pad for the USB adapter. That is what i have.

I’m just going to exchange the Alienware pad for this since I’ve seen nothing but good reviews for it.

It’s just not as durable as a Sony is. (The alienware)

I use my Alienware for Fighting Games, and I highly do not recommend it for that use. For other games, it does do the trick.

Yeah I have no intention of using it for fighting games I have plenty of different sticks. I wanted something good for games that required analog. I don’t really like the Sony d-pad but love the Logitech ones since they feel similar to the Sega Saturn pads. I got the Alienware pad from Circuit City and I called and they said I could return it even if I opened it so I might play around with it.