Alisa Frame Data

So I recently stumbled Project Pandora and since there’s no documented frame data for Alisa, I decided to parse my own from this data:

I haven’t filled out everything and some info is just missing from the ProjectPandora site but I’ll try to get as much info as I can in there. If anyone wants to contribute or help, just PM me and I’ll give you edit rights.

Hey man, I don’t play Alisa. But props for your hard work and efforts. Keep it up, bro. And try and get Bryan’s frame data. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s cool that you could extract frame data from that information, but some things here are definitely off. For example, Alisa’s standing HK links into crouching LP, and crouching LP links into standing MK. There was a patch when the DLC released which I assume made all sorts of tweaks to those characters, so that could be the reason for the errors.

Yeh I figured some things could be off, I plan to reach out to the creator before 2013 comes out to see if he is going to update everything.

She really has that much frame advantage on her LPs?

Seems I cant edit my OP but here is a link to more up to date data:

shout outs to zUkUu from eventhubs