Alisa v2013 Technology



v2013 is out now! For organizational sake, post new tech here.


More of a notebook for me than tech really. I will keep updating this post as I discover more.
You should all do the same.

New useful links:,, cr.hp,,,
cr.lp, cr.hp (was this there before? EDIT: yes it was)

ex clock setting was stealth nerfed. now does 140 damage

344 midscreen off clocksetting:
clock setting, (3) xx db thruster right §, (1) xx db thruster left (k)

or for a damaging tag combo, clock setting, st. hp, st.hp tag.

anti air combos: CADC CADC xx DB Thruster Left (K) 333 + insane wall carry
it’s hard to time the right. Then we have easy mode: CADC quick access xx DB thruster left (k) 303

Throws deleting recoverable health is extremely useful for Alisa.

super not very useful to go through fireballs since only the first hit has fast startup and it doesn’t reach very far.

health nerf makes you have to play more cautious


Yeh, I never thought to HP from LP. It’s a tricky link and only works with but probably worth training.

The new float on Clock Setting hasn’t really helped Alisa much for me, since I always tag out on it to get j.Hk damage.

I added a mp to my jump-in combo:,, xx double cut, xx thruster right, xx thruster left (400dmg)
You could probably swap the first part out with:,, cr.lp, xx thruster right

I’m still looking for decent pandora setups.


Des.Cr.Mp getting frames reduced means now its a 2 frame link off of Lost Access and a 3 frame link off of Quick Access, IE its a viable link now which means more damage output since it does more damage than LP and also because you can combo into clock settings instead of doing hard reset off of a or a magic series chain.

Combo into Lost Access off her normals is the way to go for damage, then you go into x Clock Settings and either the double HP tag cancel or the extended thruster combo. Both will net around 400 damage or so depending on how you started the combo. Important to note tag cancelling off Clock Settings gives higher juggle points and sets them up higher than a tag cancel off of Des.St.Hp so depending on your other character it might be more damaging to do a larger tag combo off of Clock Settings.


Need all her frame data.


Yup loving that new DES link.

What do you mean by higher juggle points? I though this game automatically reset the juggle point on tag cancel, no matter the move. So that they are back to just having become launched again.


Duno much about it but i can fit an extra move in my juggles off of Hard Reset and Clock Settings tag cancel.


Cool. Didn’t know there was such a mechanic. Into the lab!
Do you have specific alisa/juri examples?


Cr.hp xx ex double cut, pandora. I get 616 from this. You guys should go lab that up and see what you can do.


That’s smart. Ex hard reset should net a similar juggle too.


thats good i get about the same with Lili as my partner.

@Robofobe i dont use Juri on second anymore so no idea for her but for Lili i can do Lk Knee > Cr.Hp > Denbo > Peacock Kick > Hp as oppossed to going straight into cr.hp > denbo from everything else.


Minor find: cr. mp, cl. mp connects on counter hit. There does seem to be quite a gap between them on block (could mash Ken’s cr.lp between them), so I don’t know if it’s that useful as a frametrap.


I dont think this has been shared here:

(in destro)clock setting, st.lp,, cr.hp xx thruster left

btw, does anyone have frame data on It seems really good…


Well it was mentioned in the patch notes that has a 5-frame startup and is +7 on hit, but i’m really curious about the frames on block too. According to me it must be something like +1 or at best +2, but I’ve only spend a little time trying to figure it out so I could be off.

Also loving that The fast startup and the fact that it moves her forward makes it a great move to juggle:,, xx double cut,,, xx thruster left deals 405 dmg.


Interesting. It seems you can get 3 off just a regular DoubleCut.

double cut,,,, thruster left

does more than my current bnb:

double cut,,, thruster right, thruster left


<blockquote class=“Quote” rel=“Mr.Martinez”>I dont think this has been shared here:<br />
<br />
(in destro)clock setting, st.lp,, cr.hp xx thruster left<br />
<br />.</blockquote>

Just to null my own comment, You can just do xx thruster right,, thruster left after a clock setting


Just sharing some stuff that I think hasn’t been posted yet:

Double cut, far HP, thruster right, cr.MP (3), thruster left - 372 damage (Far HP becomes cl.HP on the corner)
(Corner only) Double cut, cl.HP, cr.MP, cr.MP, thruster left - 360 damage
Clock setting, cr.HP, thruster right, cr.MP (3), thruster left - 382 damage (The cr.HP seems to always whiff on the corner)

And here is some of my bnbs:

Lost access (Far MK, MP), cr.MP, clock setting, cr.HP, thruster right, cr.MP (3), thruster left - 435 damage (Can be linked from 2xcr.LP for 343 damage, far j.HK for 461 damage or any cl. jump in followed by cl.MP)
J.MK - Quick access (Cl.MK, MP), cr.MP, clock setting, cr.HP, thruster right, cr.MP (3), thruster left - 405 damage (I really like this one since Quick access seems to have a lot of frame advantage on block and it can be linked from 1xcr.LP doing 365 damage or j.HK doing 435 damage)


What do people think of Alisa? Has there been any notable Alisa players yet?


One of the crowned players on live uses them, with Jack-X though I’m more scared of their Jack then Alisa.<br><br>In 2013.<br>*She has a pretty solid frame trap game up close with close MP and crouching MP.<br>*cr.HP makes a lot of normally safe moves unsafe.<br>*st.MK, cr.HP are pretty darn good far range pokes in normal and st.LP in chainsaw is still great.<br>*Anti air fireballs that you can actually use to anti air then bonus points combo off of even without a counter hit.<br>*Not 1 but 2 fireball punishes<br>*Dashing super armor move into full combo that is -7 on block with tons of pushback.<br>*Great damage.<br><br>She has the tools to play the game well and be a threat.


Meaty far can combo into so if you catch people autopiloting her lost access chain you can throw that around.<br>