All 2009 registered people. YOU CAN'T POST HERE YET!


All 2009 registered users trying to sell or buy stuff here will get there thread deleted/closed and all posts deleted. You are not here long enough to do this yet. You have to wait til July or August before you can start.

You will also recieve an infraction, this is your only warning. We will also put in a word for a ban. We have closed/deleted over 15 threads already. Enough is enough, start reading the rules people.


It’s been posted several times, and I know it seems like we are being assholes to new comers but still we didn’t make that rule. The admins did, and that’s all there is to it.

When some of you start getting infractions don’t message me back asking why. I’ll just ignore it.


Is there a bad trader/seller section on the feedback forum? Or do we just do individual feedback?


User feedback is meant for both positive and/or negative feedback.


Dont you think it would be easier to notice who are the bad traders/sellers if there was a thread just for them?


I’d imagine a single thread for bad feedback would just be a bunch of people whining and moaning about one bad transaction, and then eventually nobody’s going to want to sift through the entire thing to see who’s a bad seller and who isn’t


probably so, but wiz apparently had no intentions of doing it that way.


We need a trading system mod installed into VBulletin if possible, that way we could look at a Number system, with positives and negatives quickly. I tried making a quick glance thread on User Feedback, in the same style for now, but no one cooperated lol.


I dont think our trading outlet has that many people, someone can just update the 1st page everytime someone post a bad transaction…Their name can be link to the bad feedback that way they dont need to look through the bitching…

Yeah i think it would be cool to have of those trader feedback like cheapassgamer…

edit Is there a reason why my thread title doesn’t get changed? I updated my trade stuff & added prices…But for some reason the thread title doesn’t get updated…


i can change your title but what is it that you wanna change it to?


I can see a problem with having 2 sections: one for positive and one for negative. It basically classifies as black or white. A user who had one bad experience automatically would classify someone as bad, despite maybe having previous good transactions.


Preggy sale! Arcade sticks & games (360, PS3, Wii, etc)



finally some one taking action i waited they should to


Here come the infractions!


urgh…9-10 warnings have been dealt. Don’t risk getting infractioned! Will not hold back any longer!


those of you posting in stick maker threads

dont think you can still get away from getting a lv2 infraction in the butt, im checking those as well. not worth the risk, like 5 of you have been sentenced already.


Huh… Who are the admins? Would it be possible to have some sensible explanation for this rule?

Right now it seems it’s just you who’s getting a kick out of giving “lv2 infractions” to people… :rolleyes:

(Sorry if this post is also illegal, I guess I deserve a “lv2 infraction” if that is the case. I am not buying or selling anything so I thought this post is ok even though I registered in 2009)


This section got plagued with bots last year so MrWizard added it to the rules.

Actually I don’t because it gets tiresome repeating the same thing over and over. 1 month in I was letting all of you off the hook, that can only last for so long. If I truly got a kick outta it you’d be infractioned already.


Just a suggestion/question- why don’t you just disable access for new members?

I know other forums with rules like this just disable posting until they reach certain amount of posts/ time with the forum


i think wiz tried but he cant limit it based on join date.