All 25 Cammy Win Quotes (character-specific ones)

I wrote down all the character-specific quotes for Cammy :sweat:. Thought you guys might like to read them.

“Win” is what Cammy says when she beats that character.
“Lose” is what that character says to Cammy when they beat her.

Win - You’re trying to recover your memories? I understand where you’re coming from.
Lose - Continue to live no matter how much you have lost. Living is its own victory.

Win - Incredible! What is this power you possess, anyway?
Lose - You come to me unprepared, you leave a broken and battered woman!

Win - You’re an awfully cliched villain, no? Someone should complain to casting…
Lose - Stand up and I’ll just pop ya again, sweetie!

Win - Are you always that loud? Don’t people complain?
Lose - You’re quick as a little birdie, but you’re weak like one, too.

C. Viper:
Win - I don’t know what organization sent you, but I won’t let you get in my way.
Lose - Secrets are what make us irresistible to men, don’t you think?

Win/Lose - Oh no! Are you another clone?

Chun Li:
Win - Don’t feel bad. The military specializes in fighting. Cops can’t help but lose.
Lose - Just leave this to Interpol! You have no business here!

Win - Do people in Hong Kong actually find you entertaining? I can’t stand you!
Lose - Don’t remember your past? In that case, you were my apprentice! Join me again!

Win - Your strechy limbs freaked me out at first, but I guess I’m used to them now.
Lose - I sense confusion in your blows. You must overcome your demons, child.

E. Honda:
Win - That was a close one… You’re a lot faster than you look!
Lose - You’re one skinny chick! You might wanna look into eating more than once a week!

El Fuerte:
Win - You do realize you’re a horrible chef, right? Do the world a favor and give up!
Lose - You’d be stronger if you bulked up. Shall I whip up some poblano?

Fei Long:
Win - To hear you boast, I would have thought you would have been more of a challenge.
Lose- You’ve got the basics of fighting down. Now you need to learn how to use them!

Win - I can’t let a dangerous man like you just walk away. You’re under arrest!
Lose - You walk a path of righteousness, but that path is beset with danger…

Win - Even though our fight just finished, my heart feels calm and at peace…
Lose - Listen not to the voices of the future or the past. Look within for answers.

Win - Is is true that the US military doesn’t let you take breaks for tea time?
Lose - I could use a loyal soldier like you.

Win - You may be America’s top fighter, but you’re not ready to take on the world!
Lose - You’d be a lot cuter if you smiled once in a while, kiddo.

M. Bison:
Win - Lord Bison!? Er, I mean… Bison! My mission is to take you out!
Lose - Looks like this one is broken. Oh well, there are plenty of replacement dolls…

Win - I am bound neither by my past or my future!
Lose - We are both afraid, child. You fear the past, while I fear the future.

Win - What incredible power! What they say about you is true, Ryu.
Lose - Your technique is solid. All that remains is for you to grow in spirit.

Win - You’ve got an interesting style, but you lack the skills of a true pro.
Lose - I finally beat you, Ken Masters! What? You’re not Ken Masters? Sure you are, just one look at that blonde hair of yours and i knew it was you. 'Course, you look a lot bigger on tv. What, you wearin some kinda reverse elevator shoes or somethin? Anyway…

Win - Hmm… What a strange feeling. That was quite enjoyable! Thank you!
Lose - That was a blast! Let’s do it again sometime!

Win - Phew… I had to use all my strength to beat you!
Lose - Fear not! Your true power has only just begun to reveal itself!

Win - Using people as weapons? Shadaloo has gone too far this time!
Lose - Your efforts to stop me are futile. There is nothing you can do!

Win - Your narcissism nauseates me.
Lose - It pains me to hurt one as beautiful as you.

Win - Stay away from me! I can’t stand being covered in sweat!
Lose - When it comes to fighting for your country, even the weak can’t give up!

These are great! I always wanted to know what everyone said to each other but always end up playing the same people online. Rufus is hilarious, so is Zangief & Dan!

That sounds just about right as far as actual gameplay is concerned if I win against a Sagat player! :rofl:

More Interestingly

Some kind of foreshadowing? Or am I just desperate that Cammy will be a top character some day?

Thanks TragicHero! I wonder why she still calls Bison, “Lord Bison” even though she is no longer under his grasp. My fave is the Cammy vs. Cammy one (but I hate Cammy mirror matches though), good to see some ties to the Alpha series.

Honda and Balrog are assholes lol

great effort!

Was just reading over these again, haven’t looked over them in a while. I especially like Ryu’s quote because it’s true as shit. lol Her technique IS good, Capcom just needs to perfect it [CVS2 to SF4 plz thanx! :)]

dan’s quote is the best. XD

Looks like a reference to lesbianism. She likes young girls. She can’t remember it, though. Funny.

Hmmm. Well, it makes sense Sagat would say that for two reasons.

  1. Isn’t she supposed to be a clone of Bison? So since Sagat was once a lord of Shadowloo he would know what she is really capable of.

  2. Sagat might have respect for her since they both left Shadowloo for their own reasons and he probably knows her.

I’m confused about what she says to Gen when she beats him. Why is he under arrest? I thought Gen was Chun’s teacher?? Why is Cammy after him?

He’s an extremely powerful assassin.

Ah man. I love these. Downright hilarious.

Especially Dan, Rufus, Cammy and Balrog. XD

Gen is not Chun Li’s real teacher. In their culture you call fellow martial artists teacher if they are teachers even though you may not practice their discipline as a sign of respect. Although, Gen did know Chun Li’s father and he did teach her a bit while she was young. Gen is an assasin in the Chinese criminal underworld.

Viper’s quote to Cammy is one of my faves. :sweat:

Does anyone notice Dhalism? That’s my favourite.

I can’t figure out if the necro was intentional just because of the person’s name. Also is anyone else disappointed you can’t get character specific win quotes in vs matches now? I think they did all new ones, but I haven’t seen most of them because they’re only in arcade mode…

She has all new ones, some are pretty mean.

Wish they still said the character specific quotes during matches with players. Kind of makes seeing them a greater rarity since you can only see them in arcade mode.

Love that ‘Lord Bison’ one. However… I’m sure I’ve seen Vega say something like ‘perhaps he has some taste after all…’