All 25 Cammy Win Quotes (character-specific ones)

For some reason I remember Cammy saying something like “Ugh, who could ever fall for the pretty boy routine?” or something like that, maybe that came from another game?

Really cool but…Cammy to Dhalsim when she wins is kinda malicious if you ask me.
Is there any possibility of posting the new ones from super?

Sakura-“Looks like I’ve got the upper hand in this one, Sakura!”

Ken-“Maybe you’ll stop treating me like a child next time.”(or something similar)

Rufus-“Out of breath already? Amateur.”

Makoto-“Who let an amateur like you in the tournament?!”

Cody-“Am I supposed to be impressed? Go back to your cell, you loser!”

Chun Li-“I take it I’ll handle the fighting from now on?”

C. Viper-“This is one interrogation I’m looking forward to.”

El Furete-“I’d rather starve than eat that slop.”

A few I seem to remember.

these are interesting to me… on the winning end Cammy seems intriuged by the satsu no hado… on the other hand akuma is a merciless woman beater

… here’s one that isn’t listed it’s from beating Hakan with Cammy “Ugh! I’m all oily form our fight. Get Away from me!”… or something

I think she says,“Get your oily hands away from me, you dirty man!”