ALL 90's X-Men & 90's Spiderman cartoons on netflix!

Just to let people know I noticed a couple days ago that every episode of the 90’s X-men cartoon is now on netflix. Started watchin them. Watched about 10 so far. I did not realize how many episodes there were! Also I just noticed the 90’s Spiderman cartoon popped up on there as well yesterday. I know for a fact cuz of high school back then I missed the last couple seasons of Spiderman so gonna make sure I watch those.

So for anyone interested in these just wanted to let you know. And you kids out there that weren’t around back in the 90’s or were in ur mothers wombs be sure to watch them if you are into x-men or spiderman. These shows were the shit back in the day! Saturday morning Fox FTW! Not like today’s bullshit, idk what’s even on these days.

[media=youtube]wZAhqEiq4cA[/media] [media=youtube]SAFZ85WpGi8[/media]

They’re not from the 90’s, but it looks like they’ve added the new Avengers cartoon as well a X-Men Evolution, both of which I enjoyed as well. It’s good to be a Netflix/Marvel fan :rock:

I’m still surprised at how fast the new Avengers cartoon got on netflix

Uhh what are you talking about they are not from the 90’s?! Yes they are, they were on the Saturday morning Fox lineup network shows. Saturday mornings in the 90’s was well known for being the prime few hours each week that the best kids shows aired. It went from around 8am to 12pm every week. The titles on them even have the dates the show aired which was 92’ for X-Men and 94’ for Spiderman. Trust me, I know what I’m talkin about man. I grew up on those shows. You must be thinking of something else. Also the guy right below my OP posted the video intro’s to the shows.

OMGGGGGG YES, I cant wait to get a job so I can get Netflix

since the thread title has 90’s cartoon in it
he’s was only referring to new Avengers cartoon/X-Men Evolution as not being 90’s cartoon

ahh ok my bad, the way he worded it made me think he was talkin about the 2 shows I mentioned since his opening statement was “they’re not from the 90’s”. I read it again and I see what he’s sayin

Aaaah good times, good times.

I recently tried watching some of the new x-men and spider-man and I couldn’t fucking stand it. Why are they drawn by a 12 year old? Why is Rogue 12 instead of a hot 20 some year old with a huge rack? Why are the characters so lame? Why are the stories so lame?

So I thought, it was just me not being a kid anymore and not being interested in cartoons. Well the other day my friend was like: “Let’s watch some old x-men” I was like: “No way man fuck dat shit, I aint watching some kid’s cartoon.” We ended up watching it anyways.

It was that episode where Cable goes back in time or some shit. Man, I was INSTANTLY hooked and I couldnt remember that episode for shit. Cable goes back in time, then Bishop whos from an even more distant future goes back in time to fight Cable and shit. Random heroes and villains everywhere. Talk about time vortexes and viruses and shit. I was like wtf is this??? This is not for kids, kids wouldn’t fucking understand this. After part 1 finished, we immediatly watched part 2 and enjoyed every single minute of it.

So yeah the new cartoons suck and are made for 12 year olds.



this show makes me hate bisop still, COOL POWERS though bro!
Some of the dialog is funny as shyt! just listen, haha… especial episode were Prof x gets kill and they have to go back in time to stop it! WHAT IN THE WOORRLD!

haha, some random ass shyt happens in this show! like the giant ass space whale landing

Show is rad though! Big muscles, action, life or death situation! and THE HOTTEST CARTOON BOOBS EVER!

They also got Voltron…

On one hand i’m thrilled to see the classic 90’s X-Men cartoon on netflix, as its one of my all-time favorite shows…

…on the other, i don’t care much because i’ve seen every episode about 7+ times over lol, and am now a bit bored of them.

Highly recommended to the rest of ya though. Good animation, good action, good stories, steller voice acting, etc. This is how a marvel animated series should be done.

As much as i loved the 90’s Xmen the animation quality went to shit during its final season. I loved Wolverine and the Xmen and still put it on par with the 90’s Xmen.
I still think the episodes involving Cable were the best ones. Hell that cartoon is the reason why i started getting into Cable and X-Force. The time travel stuff with Cable and Bishop was confusing as hell cause i couldn’t tell if they’re from the same timeline.

im mad US didnt get this intro

Did the US show only have one opening song? Because the Japanese one had 2 and the second one was kinda bad.

yeah the us only had one opening song and they remixed it for the second opening. They used the Japanese openings for the US ending animation credits.

Something with the production studios and what not
which is the last seasosn isn’t linear and kinda mish-mashy…
pretty shitty was to go out, but they deff made the best of it! ep with Cap America is the shyt.
I think each episode had a different art director which is pretty awesome

ahhh yes, Beasts patented shockwave attack, and Magneto’s ability to summon underground dragons…

I forgot how badass the riffs were in the US X-Men opening. That shit would pump me on a sugar fueled Saturday

Can’t get enough of that theme song!