All about Mexican Typhoon (SPD)

Hey guys I thought maybe we could share our tricks for landing SPDs with T.Hawk.

I’ve been excited about using him, but I find it hard to land his big throw sometimes. Especially against shotos for some reason.

What tips and tricks do you have for mind games or buffering into throw from other moves?

I find plain old dash-SPD works more than you would think.

against most people, you can just power your way in doing the up hawk, condor dive, condor spire your way in. of course you’ll eat some damage here and there. its t hawk for fucks sake. he can take punishment.

then when you finally get in. thats where the mind fucking begins. they try to neutral jump, jump back, or even jump forward, they’ll eat up hawk every time. once you smell fear in them and they stop jumping trying to bait your up hawk, thats when you 360 them. and after landing his 360, theres a lot of options you can do from there.

Cross up down fierce, st forward is an option select. Works in ST as well.

If you keep doing jab typhoon it’s quicker to setup ticks since he lands almost in front of you.

Can someone answer this for me please (*getting the game monyana):

-How’s the grab range/damage on LP Typhoon Vs LP SPD?

-Is U2 a valid AA Ultra or does the jump-in need to be anticipated as distinct from being able to be caught on reaction?

  1. slighly less. t hawk couldn’t punish makotos ex oroshi with his lp typhoon while gief can
  2. its valid. probably not as good as hakans oil combination hold, but not like akumas raging demon ultra either where u really need to anticipate it.


I think (hope) the morbid damage on his MP/HP Typhoons may prove to be compensation for his sub-Gief LP Typhoon range. I might try find a different punish at this range anyway, given how little heath said move takes. Maybe his horizontal dive or something…

And seeing as imo using Akuma’s move as an anti-air is effectively its most pertinent use (I find the command input extremely easy), I can infer from what your saying that it bodes well for Hawk’s U2 being more than just a n00b punisher ‘fatality’.

Goody! :slight_smile:

MP SPD damage = MP Typhoon damage = 200
HP " " " = HP " " " = 230

LP SPD damage = 170
LP Typhoon damage = 150 w/ slightly less range, however, you are right next to the guy/girl afterwards.

Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this question, but can anyone tell me their method of getting down 720’s 100%?

1.Learn to do standing 360’s 100% consistently. They are important to grapple characters anyway.
2.Start by buffering into jumps. Jump, churn the butter, and hit ppp on land. Less practical, wildly unsafe but largest window for input and still useful.
3.FA->dash->720ppp this is most peoples goto setup on dizzied/Really-Stupid opponents and its important. More so with geif than with hawk, but still…
4.Dash->720ppp useful.
5.Light attacks->720ppp harder timing but worth it.
6. start practicing standing 720’s? OH wait that doesnt work in ssf4, so just ignore this.

Since this is an execution question I will go ahead and point out that you can do this easily on either pad or stick.I use pad myself.

crouching medium punch

there you go Humpski, have fun

You can pretty much go to the Zangief section and look up established setups for him, since T Hawk and Gief are both operating off the same basic mechanics for throw setups once you’re in close.

The easiest ways I’ve found to land it is once you score the crossup situation after LP Typhoon, go with the Splash- >Cr LP- > MP- > follow up. You have more then enough time after the splash to know whether to follow up the MP with a DP or go for the throw. Also since T Hawk has health to spare it’s not a bad thing to maybe intentionally follow up a blocked set or two with a DP to condition the opponent into expecting that follow up.

Intentionally overshooting Dives and flying straight over the opponent works well sometimes too, when they try to use a move to cover the gap and nail you on recovery, you can tag them with a 360/720 if you were buffering the whole way down. Same princple with undershooting the dive. I’ve nailed alot of Boxers going for a Dash Punch after shorting the dive maybe a character length in front of them.

I tend to go for the heavy grab when I can, though I admit it may be useful to use light when in the corner. Generally speaking, I’ll do the heavy grab, then Condor Dive just short of them.

On getting 720 perfectly, there’s a funny thing I noticed in regards to certain Ultras/Supers that end with the user in the air and you blocked them (Sagat, Ken, etc.). Generally speaking, I’ve been able to do a heavy punch and buffer the 720 all in that. It’s safer than trying to buffer it in a jump of all things. I’ll have to see what success I can get in employing this with Zangief, because while it’s hilarious to buffer from a taunt… it’s not consistent with me.

In regards to range, I’ve done a little cursory testing. LP Typhoon and MP Typhoon have exactly the same range as far as I can tell. And HP Typhoon’s range is very marginally smaller, but there is a slight and real difference.

MP Typhoon seems to be a good option, although it doesn’t put you right next to them, a HP Spire will sit you right next to the body with several frames to spare for a meaty or what have you. A LP Typhoon and a HP Spire body-hop crossup is very nice too.

Ex typhoon puts you in perfect range for a neutral jump dive at the peak of the jump for a cross-up dive.

Also the key for landing the 720 is training them to think you are expecting them to jump or do a reversal when u do a comand grab set-up and punish them for doing this. So you need to makeit a guessing game for them by dashing in and not going for a command grab to be able to dash in and land a command grab. The set-up is not as important as the mind games.

Since this thread is about Hawk’s Mexican Typhoon, I wanted to talk about it’s startup in here.

I apologize if this is common knowledge, but I’ve recently come to realize that Hawk’s MT does NOT have invincibility on startup. I’ve played Gief for years in many SF games, and I never really thought about it having invincibility because I always just figured it grabbed so fast that it grabbed most moves due to it’s speed. However the fact it grabs meaties should’ve tipped me off.

Anyways the last few days I’ve been stuffed by so many things when doing reversal MT. At first I was stuffed by specials, and I thought I was just grabbing them during their invincibility. But THEN the next day, I was fighting a Sakura, and her jabs stuffed a reversal MT! Maybe I’m crazy but I’ve never seen that happen to Gief.

So, damn, am I right or just running into flukes? I’m positive they weren’t reversal Tomahawks that I was mistaking for MT.

Dan: yeah, no invincibility. If the gap beetween their jab is less than 2 frames (Like when they spam a chaining c.lp in your gard) your reversal will be stuffed.
It s why MT ex has a 4 frames star up, but has invincibility.
In you want to punish someone blockstring, use the ex MT, after that they will fear to stay near you.

Ah okay thanks for the info about regular MT. Yeah if they’re spamming a jab blockstring I always EX MT, but it’s like the stupidest times I get stuffed with regular :frowning: Like they sit next to me on wakeup and start jabbing as soon as I get up and reversal MT. Arrrgh.

Hawk has the exact same startup frames as Gief’s spd = 2

in the few weeks i’ve played as t.hawk in SSF4, i find that a few solid ways to land Typhoon are:

  1. Reversal
  2. Blocked Spire
  3. Whenever i find myself at point blank and the other player is too dumb to not stop blocking
  4. Dive-In crossover with Dive

these are just my means of Mexiphoon Madness though

In my experience, there’s almost no reason to ever use HP Typhoon. It only deals 30 more damage than MP Typhoon, but leaves you so far away that you can’t get back in and immediately mixup, unlike the other versions. If you’re using it as a punish, start using cs.MP xx HP Tomahawk, because it deals 20 more damage, and leaves you right in the opponent’s face. LP Typhoon = you just do the safe-jump with Splash, MP/EX = use HP Spire, then jump over the opponent, it’s exactly like Gief’s Green Hand after any SPD.