All about...Rival Schools

I’ve been reading the Street Fighter Plot Guide quite a bit recently and it reminded me of Rival Schools. Years ago, way before I took fighting games seriously, me and my friend loved this game. All I can remember now is some blonde with massive tits, but that’s kinda OT… :rolleyes:

Nah, what I also remember is it just being fun and feeling unique, and that it provided CvsSNK2 with Kyosuke. Because of all this I thought, “Hell, why don’t I just ebay that game…” and I did. It should arrive within the week, but in the meantime I wanted people to post any such things as tiers, strats for whatever character they may have used if they played it. Things like that.

I could go to gamefaqs, yes, but that would involve going to gamefaqs… I recently got a Maki FAQ which gave each of her moves a fan service rating for how much panty it shows… :confused:

Anyway, please, if anyone liked this game too, please share your wisdom! :china:

That game brings back alot of memories for me. Good times.

Ahh, Rival Schools.

My team was always some combination of Gan/Daigo/Kyosuke/Hideo

If I’m remembering correctly, Gan’s Sumo-ish super beats almost anything cleanly.

If you want to see vids, check here:

Oooh…now I want to go home and play!!!

Can’t you emulate this game on Impact? I’ve never used that emu, does it have netplay?

As a side note, RS2 is about 5000x better than the first one.

God, I haven’t played this game in years.

I remember Tardy Counters being retarded, simply because they didn’t cost anything to use. Imagine free Alpha Counters to get a pretty good idea of how most matches panned out - jab, jab, jab, jab, jab. Everything restricted to moves that would recover before the Tardy Counter comes out. Still fun though.

The team I used was Roberto or Shoma with Natsu.

Can’t remember the tiers except for Roberto being top. Nastu had an infinite, if I remember rightly. So did Sakura. And Roy?

I’m going to play this tonight. I forgot how fun this was. The soundtrack was pretty rockin’ too. :tup:

Back in the day, when I was about 10, I played that game all the time. I used all the characters in that game. Oh yeah, the blond with the huge tits was Tiffany. I loved that fucking game to death. The Evolution disc on the PlayStation version had 40-something unlockable characters. They mainly looked similar in appearance, but had customized lists of other characters’ moves. That game kicked ass. I wonder if I can still find an old copy at GameStop?

Since I am here, I might as well…sing a song.

Oh, wait:

I thought the extra Evo characters were dumb. Oh well.

yeah. i remember that. it was kind of an easter egg but one of the Extra characters had Zangief’s spinning piledriver. that cracked me up.
i thought Hyo was sooooo badass.

if they woulve put him in CVS2 istead of gay Kyosuke, things would be very different.

One of the characters had Zangief’s piledriver? It’s been a long time since I’ve played. And yes, Kyosuke did sux0r in CvS2. They should’ve put Shoma, Daigo, Hayato, anyone else but Kyosuke in there, that would’ve been better.

Thanks 4neqs.

Was that the song?

surprised isn’t here

^He’s more of a Project Justice player.

Mikee: Haha, I was trying to be funny and random. Oh well.

Do anyone of you guys play the very first Rival School?
I remember PS having it but do you guys know if there’s any release on PC,etc?
I’m missing the first version.

4neqs: ah… I thought he liked the whole thing… nice drawings btw, should do more natsu or kyoko… heh.

g_ngan: don’t think it came out for pc, though I remember hearing about a emulator version when I was browsing

The RSNet post was talking about how Chankast can play Project Justice, if I remember correctly.

With Dalaa out of comission and all, someone should step up and take over maintaining RSN…it’s informative, but I’m not digging the current site layout. Too confusing, IMHO, plus EzBoard forums suck ass.

^ i tried though

infinites were insanely easy to pull off with certain characters. the only one i needed help with was sakura’s air infinite.

I liked Project Justice more the RS1.
It’s quite an enjoyable game.

I’d always had my eye on this game, but never got around to playing it. A few weeks ago, during the giant Game Crazy markdown madness, I stumbled upon a copy for $12.99. I picked up and and I think it’s still a great fighter. There’s a few PSone-era fighters that aren’t enjoyable to play today (Soul Blade comes to mind), but this still handles nicely in my opinion. Now I’m just going to have to stuggle to find another player in my area. Heh.

sigh …i haven’t played Rival SChool series for a year …

been busy with 3s …

in fact , i’m losing my interest for arcade >__>;;

in fact i’ve been doing cosplay , i owned a long coat just like daigo .
AND the upcoming event , i’ll be dancing ouendan , which is daigo’s talent …
those who loves daigo … he is kenshiro . If you know gedo HS’ background history .

yes , hyo is hotness …he’s like vergil , but advocates justice :slight_smile: