All about...Rival Schools

yeah so uh…how about that project justice video at pretty good stuff imo. ooh and that guy did another project justice video too, also at combovideos. interesting, interesting…

KANE, you need to send me those rival schools tournament matches from PH. check PM

Yeah, PJ was the best of the 3, but evolution gives you an insight of the working of a Japanese School System. Like the kids here are that hard about their clubs!

PJ. Has the best create a character system EVER! And its so simple! Despite the fact that its in Japanese. Its just simple math. But dont play against a Japanese person. Being able to read Japanese is a clear advantage!

True Story: My ex-girlfriend was the real girly girly type of chick, but she had played games before. So one day I just pulled out PJ and started playing with my custom characters. She like the story of PJ but she fell in love with the PJ create a character board game, which is vry similar to Monopoly. Basically, you have a report card/bingo sheet. And you wanna get as many board pieces as possible and make a lot of friends and be popular! And at the end of 40 turns… The students you make battle it out to decided who is HIGHSCHOOL NUMBER 1 During this battle you watch the fight as your character battle it out! (It`s waaay more fun than you think!)

Now here come the Japanese trickyness. Sometimes when you encounter other character they ask you to do certain errands that will affect your character! But if you cant read japanese or take a hint. Your lost! But there are a lot of hints to pick up on. The Japanese team-up! Actually, this is the dirty part of the game! Keep in mind that at the end of 40 turns everyone will fight. The is only 1! So, my ex would invite a friend over and they would speak in english but when they wanted to fuck you up! They would speak in Japanese! And you new they where gonna do you too! It`s was like playing Marvel against some one with 4 helpers instead of 2! They would let you get the class piece they needed then one hit you with every stat penalty they could and try to hate or you friends. then the other would fight you when you where outnumbered! 3 - 1 odds suck!

Having friends is most important aspect of this game!!! Do not walk around school without friends! Unless you have complete and total bad ass stats! Like for instance: Your by yourself and you fight someone that has Kuro and Kyoko. Before the roulette turns Kyoko will give a plus 2 each of your stats and Kuro will Take 2 away from each of your opponents stats! (You have 6 stats but the roullete spins and you can only get 3 stats! The total of the 3 is your attack power and the person with the highest total wins) But if you had Zaki she can counter this by nulling all stat bonuses and penalties! But someone could always try to take Zaki from you… If they had a friend card (50% chance, but they have to have the card and be in the area.)! Or they could make her hate you! Then she won`t help you during the fight!

In 3 weeks she fillied up 2 VMUs with nothing but custom characters! Hence my Super Naruto! The best thing that chick ever gave me! Max stats in everything! Starts off with Max super power! 6 Supers! and Fast as hell! Can combo out of Roy`s Final Justice to another super easy!

Man, I need to write a faq on the dirtiness and fun of this game! Like Ive seen dudes literally in an up roar about this game! "How you gonna Jump me like that?!" "Oh its on now!"

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damn i wish i can do that …

and make that into a combovid