All about the red grace corner formation



Just put a red grace in the corner.

The premise of the red grace corner setup is to give Strange safe corner pressure. Moves like Mystic Sword L or M become much more easily punished because opponents aren’t pushed back, so you need an alternative.

Having a red grace overlapping a cornered opponent gives Strange the option to cancel anything into Flames, and the projectile will be angled towards the opponent without detonating the grace as long as they don’t leave the corner. It’s best to space this just inside your opponent’s hitbox, so if you land a throw, you can OTG with the grace explosion and get a full FoF loop combo. If the grace is too deep in the corner, you can’t do this.

Having two red graces makes this even better, not just because of the extra damage if you start a combo, but by locking an opponent with an assist, creating a yellow grace, and shooting an upgraded flames into the two red graces, does about the same chip damage as a raw SoV would, because the flame hits 3 times in addition to the 2 explosions. It’s best to separate the two red graces just slightly, so you can get two OTG’s if you need them for the next combo.

Another secret technique, is with the cover of an assist, use teleport H to get above the opponent, and launch a FoF downward to the red grace. This will push them out of the corner and create a crossup. This is because (if you space this right) the flame will descend at a backwards angle and push them out. You can also set this up just by jumping above the opponent, which would be easier, but you could be punished if you don’t have an assist. There’s some tricks to take advantage of using fuzzy guard to give Strange an instant overhead and canceling it into Flames to shoot it down. This does not combo in most cases (depends on character size) but if you deploy a extra red grace above the opponent, the explosion should appear fast enough to pick up the combo, and if not, keep you at advantage.

I set this up at any point after I kill a character with Lightning Loop, I tag to Strange and the way he shows up will usually perfectly space where to deploy the red grace, if not, just walk forward a few steps. Also get the upgraded assist which is very strong for Strange. Fun fact, in X-Factor, Zero’s double Hadangeki assist basically becomes Spitfire Twice on crack, because only the real Zero gets the speed boost, so you end up with a gap between the projectiles, great for quick crossups with Strange’s teleports. You can also set the red grace up after DHCing to Strange for a kill, just make sure you space it right.

Anyway, the red grace in the corner is just to make Strange’s corner game not terrible like it normally is. If you got a read on an incoming pushblock, just use teleport to get back in. Impact Palm canceled into Teleport H is +4 if the opponent pushblocks at the earliest possible frame (which they usually won’t.) If they don’t pushblock, it’s -4, which is still safe to most things, but your opponent can guess their way out. The quickest possible air throw would take 5 frames, so if you delay your falling attack after Teleport H, you can OS a throw with forward or back H to attack or tech a throw safely. If your opponent chooses to anti air, you’ll have to come out with a j.H or j.S immediately to beat it (assuming it’s not an AA jab like Magneto’s.) Either way, it’s better to have an assist covering you, or in this case, you can throw out a Flame towards the red grace your opponent is on and teleport with the cover of that.

Once you have it set up, just rush in and cancel anything into Flames to keep frame advantage. If they pushblock before you cancel, you can dash up and stay in as the flame covers you. If they pushblock the flame while you’re close, you might need to use an assist to stay in. Just use any long range move to keep them in the corner and dash or teleport in. You can scare your opponent from pushblocking by staggering your blockstrings or using throws and tick throws. Because you can combo after your throw with the red grace, your throw game is now a threat and your opponent must respect it. A throw into a full FoF combo will get you a kill. Also, if they pushblock the flame while you’re far away, you’ve probably already recovered and can nullify the push with a dash or teleport.

When you’re pressuring, if you’re more afraid of your opponent throwing you through your pressure, use moves that will space you out of throw range. cr.M pushes Strange far back, so chain into that move and cancel it into flames if you’re worried about getting thrown somewhere. If your opponent is smart, they will find the right time to XFC out of pressure when you call an assist and kill both characters. Be smart about your assist calls and try to only call them when you won’t be in the same location as they are. Otherwise, be ready to XFC on reaction.

So yeah, there’s plenty of formations to explore at any position on the screen, but this is the easiest to apply right now. Everyone should be doing this by now.


I read the whole post but this part seems to undermine the concept of this move as a “trap”?

So basically, victim pushblocks flame and trap is over? Calling an assist to maintain pressure is not exactly character-specific offense.

This does seem useful as a way to give Strange a safe string, if only in the corner.


Well if you want to give “trap” a definite meaning you’re welcome to. That’s what others called it when they were asking what it is. To me it’s just a formation. But that’s all semantics.

If they push the Flame you’re still at frame advantage, you can probably call your assist and do an instant dash Mystic Sword L and it might even be a blockstring depending on how the pushed flame hit. With the cover of the assist you can teleport back in and keep mixing up. If you want to be even cooler you can call an assist after a blocked palm, cancel to fly, and do a high/low from there.