All about the Tubmans!

This going to make a lot of folks mad but let them be mad!!!


Trump on the $20 bill would’ve been better

LMFAO!!! This is hilarious

Good for you, America.

Can’t believe CNN isn’t running a more flattering picture for this:

Sodium levels of White people will be over 9000 before dinner.

Someone’s gonna kill me hard for this, but when i see that picture, first thing I started to get was… hungry.


Time to only carry 10s and 100s. I’ll be fine.

People wildin’.

Man, that’s funny as fuck.

They have a point, but I mean there’s no rule saying only founding fathers can be on our currency.

I don’t know why people are mad. Money is money. That 20 is the same as it was with Jackson on the front. People don’t have to ask for 20s anymore because I’ll be more than glad to take them all.

Native Americans win through African Americans I suppose.

I knew sooo many Natives that refused to use twenties.

Same here. Washington State has a lot of areas heavily populated by natives. I had native customers refuse 20’s from me at work all the time and would ask for smaller bills or give me change to round up to a bigger bill.

What’s the story behind Jackson? Heard he was into genocide or some shit?

He lead the first big period of american expansion west. This may or may not have lead to a couple of indians dying.

Doesn’t help that indians have long, long, loooooooooooooong memories for shit like that.

First Tila’s nonsense and now this:

Man that’s fucked. :lol:

People are fucking vile haha