All About Vampire Savior scans

Uploading the rest of the color pages now, it’s all in Japanese, but should be useful.

In before eks and close.
Also, Morrigan’s areolae are huge.

Ooh, the concept art for the stages is great. Wish it was available in higher quality.

Wow,this is rare. Thanks a lot man.

I can read Japanese so if anyone needs a translation,just ask.

Also, anyone knows where I can find something like these but Alpha,ST-related?

Good stuff. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you so very much for this!

I appreciate it very much.



Mmm Mmm Good!

I’m digging that frame data. If you can translate page 4, and maybe 5, that would be awesome.


Thanks a lot!

Just wondering: Did you take this apart to scan it? I’ve tried scanning books without taking them apart, and it’s a huge hassle that always ends up with lousy results.

You rule #1!

I’ve been tryin to track something of this sort down for Vamp since I scored the board for it.

need to make pdf

Many thanks, would rep if I could.

nice one, too bad i can’t read japanese :confused:


No problem. Give me a couple of days and I’ll post it here. Gotta think how I am gonna present this though,there’s lot of arrows and diagrams. Anyway, I’ll do it :woot:

Kudos! This is great!

Thanks for the scans, man. Very cool stuff.