"All are equal in death" - Jedah Dohma thread



Chris G’s Team Darkstalkers concept video**



Jedah is awesome! :slight_smile:


So, when you get the corner carry, super, into df+LK xx qcb+LP, what’s the best follow up to allow for mixups/shenanigans when you don’t have meter for another super/don’t want to spend meter?


TK QCF HK/LK into tag. LP/HP QCF into tag. Those are the ones I’ve been looking into in the lab. Air QCB HK is also useful to set things up.


Right now, I’m actually not going for the OTG after the super, instead I’m looking at tag into Ultron QCF+LP, and then starting drone lockdown shenanigans (if I tag early, I can even sneak in a Reality Stone surge before the beam).


I think the best corner oki I’ve seen so far post hit-grab is lp pinwheel and be ready to backdash hk if they roll toward you.


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Can’t say for sure but I think a lot of stuff has moved to discord.


Yeah Discord and social media. Plus it took a while for them to put up the character threads any way.

@NoChart What was the notations for that combo you were referring to with Jedah in Time Storm?


Jedah things


Theres timestamps in the tips vid since some of it is just covering basic specials. Found some nasty stuff like a instant left and right mixup, at the same time. Mixup vid is about scytheball, other mixups in tips vid.


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Jedah things


You made a mistake in the notation on the description where you list qcf+HP, instead of HK.

Also, you probably should note that cancelling the LK pinwheel into pinwheel super early might not get them to the corner in a way that they can combo into scythe ball. Did that one too many times when going from corner to corner where I was barely in range to get the OTG with cr.LK, but the qcb+LP wouldn’t hit.


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Oops ill fix the notation then.

Although you shouldn’t cancel lk pinwheel into super at all, you let it recover then super that’s part of what makes that combo always corner to corner!!!

so ill also note in teh vid dont be a dummy and super cancel it.


New Fly super jump corner loop


Interesting, well that kina suxx. Whatever what’s the Discord then? Cause most of these boards do seem dead


There’s a link to the discord in the stickied threads on the main subforum.


I know wtf… This game died before it released. : (


Reset combo concepts. Trying out some slimy high/low setups with a blocked Spirale Divina. Forward roll blows this up a little but you still might catch them off guard with the simultaneous high/low if they come out blocking. Will have to test lockdown vs. jab mash and moves with invulnerability.



This is Marvel, you really shouldn’t be basing your setups on knockdown since oki is nearly non-existent due to full invul on roll. You really need to go for something that sets them up standing.


So I’ve been experimenting a bit with trying to set up Spirale Divina loops. It seems that anyone with a capture state that leaves them somewhat mid air after it is a good way to set up the loop. Currently using Ultron’s QCF+HK into tag (right after, not during the move). This gives Jedah enough time to charge an LP spinner, starting the loop.

The nice thing about this is that you don’t need to consume an OTG to start the loop, unlike doing it solo.


X / Jedah HSD glitch corner to corner