All Babies Should Be Raised in Solitude


And not just children either, but also the parents who raise them.

You’re probably rolling your eyes already and thinking to yourself, “Oh, God. Who keeps letting Raz0r make threads?” but just hear me out.

In cities, parents think their children are precious and can do no wrong. This happens in small towns too but at least there you can live as far as you want from kids. What happens is that city parents think that now that they have babies/children, places should cater to their needs and fuck the rest of the people. They started bringing their kids to bars, so much so that several places had to start putting baby curfews telling parents to gtfo which of course caused parents to balk.

That’s just one instance of parent entitlement and why kids ruin everything.

Public transportation is becoming unbearable with these parents. They think they have the right to just put their strollers wherever the hell they want to and get mad if you call them out on it. Something similar happened to me today. A dad with his 5-year-old daughter and baby son walked on the train, stopped in the middle of a passage, put the brake on the stroller, and refused to move it when people had to move about the train to reach seats or doors. I looked at this guy and he just looked blankly into space to avoid all criticism. An old lady had to tell him to move the damn thing and he still didn’t do it! If you are not from New York, let me tell you: all trains are packed in the morning. All of them. When you do this inconsiderate nonsense you cannot defend yourself from the asshole label as you clearly just earned it.

There are other articles against babies in cities and their entitled parents (here and especially here) but they fall on deaf ears. Parents refuse to ever accept their lot and would much rather everyone around them suffer through it.

I’m all for personal choice, and that’s what having a child is. But if you make that choice, you have to abide by the consequences of it. Those around you shouldn’t be inconvenienced because you had a child. So no, I will not stop swearing at the bar because this is a place for adults. No, I won’t stop pushing you aside because your massive stroller is taking up precious, limited NYC sidewalk space as you leisurely stroll on your way to your problem. No, I won’t stop giving you dirty looks when you don’t shut your crying baby up on a tight plane or any equally confined space (where you want special treatment too!).

This may come off as a rant against children or Raz0r just being hateful again, but children really do ruin everything when you decided not to have any in your life. Sure, in the future that may change. I will adjust accordingly, too. I won’t be able to enjoy the things I used to do but I wouldn’t want to be a burden on those around me. For now, I am child-free and love it. I want to drink whiskey, party hard, use profanity, get to work quickly, and enjoy quiet on public transportation. Your child shouldn’t stop me from doing that.



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Take responsibility Razor-san


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Baby strollers is the Devil’s handiwork.


Sounds like millenual parents have ruined kids


If booze is being served, It’s fair game to be loud and curse. Fuck kids.


Also or instead, just: cities suck.

These kids need to be replaced with the regular subway hobo crew of crazies.


What, is this thread to show off? That you are so wealthy you don’t need to rely on drunk parents, and crowded buses as sources for cheap, succulent meat? Nobody likes it, but times are tough and you have to put up with this sort of thing to make ends meet.
Oh lah dee dah, big man razor can pay for his sweet meat. He probably imports it from Germany. Thank you for gracing us with this thread, your majesty.

How about some sympathy for the rest of us who have to laugh and pretend to mingle as we jockey for position around said bar hopping parents? Or the increase in massive, HEAVY strollers with all kinds of straps that can’t even be carried sideways out a bus? Whatever happened to just a simple sash or the cheap, lightweight folding strollers? Even the modern “baby carrier” is ludicrously over engineered and unnecessarily slash resistant.

Raz0r is out of touch.


Wouldn’t your issue be with terrible parents and a society that tells them it’s OK to be awful, as opposed to the children themselves? The kids didn’t ask to be the spawn of such neglectful people.

The real question here is who the hell takes their kid to a bar?


(The first thing I’ll say is that this thread could be titled better, you pedophile.)

You’re basically preaching to the choir here, so it’s whatever. Though for the record, your problems seems to be more with babies and toddlers, who are indeed extremely annoying but predictably so, than all children in general. Clearly you lack true hatred.

Anyway, they’re only as tolerable as their parents, who unfortunately are often selfish idiots, though that’s nothing new either; it’s just more noticeable because there are more people (read: dumbfucks) on Earth.

So really, if anything, you should be annoyed or angry the most that idiots tend to be the type of people who are breeding (the most) in the first place than at the children themselves and I say this as someone who truly hates children.

Fixed for accuracy.


Children are still terrible and my ire goes into their souls.

Some parents bring kids to bars, which, as an alcoholic, and I’m fine with to a degree. Usually those parents were alcoholics, too, and there weren’t many. Now, it’s every goddamn parent who wants the bar to cater to their needs. If I go to a restaurant/bar, I’ll accept a kid in there. If I’m at a straight up bar and I see you with your baby/kids in there (common as fuck now in NY) I’m going to be fucking upset, especially if the little shit is running around unwatched, crying, screaming, or even breathing my fucking air.



Totally no homo/no asex-u-o, Damned.


How theater prices should be:
Kids - $9
Adults - $15
Babies - $500


First it’s kids suck, then it’s fuck kids… I swear, y’all lookin’ really Woody Allen up in here.


It’s been a while since Raz0r has posted some good whitewhine material @RockBogart


You literally can’t raise someone in solitude. That’s not raising, that’s leaving them to rot… Unless you’re talking about isolating them from the world which, that’s FUCKED.