All BnB combos, safe jump-ins and crossups

Hi, I think it would be really useful for me If I could get a list that simply details the key bread and butter combos (and easiest Ultra combo setups), along with the safest jump in attacks and crossup for every character. I’m not sure but these seem to be the main things one needs to be able to play a character well.

Perhaps someone could write a quick list up to save others like me the time of going into every individual character board! :slight_smile:

probably going to get a lot of hate posting this, just so you know. I’d really suggest looking through the character boards for the characters you are interested in and they usually are pretty well organized for things like BNB’s and ultra setups…

If you’re too lazy to find them yourself, just go to Event Hubs.


That’s a lot of typing for something that is readily available. Pick one or two characters to learn, and go from there.

Ok : )
I just find some of the character board lists confusing, where they don’t clearly state the basic combos and just have huge lists of complex links.

Compiling a list of bnbs for every character is really not in the scope of this forum. The NSD isn’t really intended to be a substitute for researching things yourself.

Plus, there really isn’t a need for most beginning level players to know bnbs for every character.

If there is a specific character who’s bnbs you don’t understand though, post it up and people can help you.

I think you are getting confused as to what a bnb is.

A bnb is merely a combo which you will end up using a lot, it doesn’t have to be easy and they can in fact be complicated, chances are the “huge lists of complex links” contain plenty of bnbs.

Ok : ) I can’t do Sagat’s LKx2 LP TU combo. I can’t link the light punch into TU!

You should be tapping “forward” while the lp is coming out, then quickly complete the “down, down-forward” + punch.

I’ve been trying for the last 10 minutes, I did it once somehow. He does st.lp when I press forward, but If I press down forward the cr.lp comes out. But he just keeps doing Tiger Shot rather than Tiger Uppercut. : ) Sigh.

i think it takes much more than 10 minutes it usually takes regular players somewhere between 20-30 minutes of practice several times a week to be proficient in their mains bnb it is very much a persihable skill, meaning, if you dont keep doing it CONSISTENTLY, you will lose it

Firstly, you do not link the light punch into a tiger uppercut. It’s a cancel, not a link. That’s important. Secondly, I recommend you use the dp shortcut for this particular combo for ease of use, but it isn’t really needed.

Whenever you are having problems doing a combo, break it down into parts, then try to put it together. If you are having problems with the crouching light punch to tiger uppercut cancel, practice that first, then add one crouching light kick. Then two.

Alternatively, you might fight crouching light kick, crouching light punch x 2, tiger uppercut easier.

Also, you really should know, practicing 10 minutes to get a combo down is really not a lot of practice. Many long-time players with already developed execution might be able to pick up such a combo in a short amount of time, but if you’re new to Street Fighter, don’t count on it.

Not to discourage you, but 10 minutes is nothing when it comes to advanced gameplay. Be patient, practice regularly and focus on a few characters. If you can’t even do LP, LPxTU yet, there is absolutely no need to learn the BnBs or crossups for all available characters in the game. Instead work on your execution.

it’s in the character section. people aren’t going to post it for you if you’re too lazy to look at it. you’re confusing bnb w/ easy. bnb doesn’t mean easy. it means a combo that you’ll use a lot. a lot of bnb are hit confirmers which means they’ll include links.

I’m gonna be nice and help you with the cross ups
In SF4:

Lk crossups
chun li

Mk crossups
Everyone else I didn’t list

HK crossups
C. Viper

HP cross up
El Fuerte
Zangief (Down + HP)

Balrog and Dhalsim have no normal cross ups

These are just each character’s main ones, but there are special moves that cross up (like Viper’s burn kicks or Honda’s butt slam) and command normals (like rufus’s dive kick) that cross up. There are a bunch of other situations that can cause moves to cross up like a late blanka ball on wakeup.

Some characters have more that 1 normal cross up as well like how most shoto’s can cross up with short or C viper can cross up with Mk.

Thanks everyone! :slight_smile: I am impressed with the maturity of this board.

I wasn’t able to execute cr.lkx2 cr.lp xx TU after a few hours - can cheaper sticks still pull off most combos? I have a Hori EX2, which I’ve seen described as an entry level arcade stick (it was the cheapest I could find, still quite expensive though).

Despite the advice of pressing forward when the cr. lp comes out to quickly cancel into TU, I still wasn’t able to do it. Maybe there is some other trick to it, I couldn’t do Chun-Li’s BnB at first (cr.lkx2 xx Ex Legs) but was able get the timing through a written explanation of the button press sound (tap tap, tap tap, tap).

Yes, people can still do combos on cheaper sticks. They can do for a beginner, or someone who isn’t sure how serious they are about it. You do get what you pay for though. The real arcade parts are worth the money. It’s a shame you didn’t read the “what stick to buy” advice here and tech talk though. You’d probably be happier with a SE.

But anyway, like I suggested, use the dp short cut.

Try just doing (hold down/forward) lp, down, down/forward + punch. Start adding in the kicks after you can do the cancel.

Alternatively, try doing crouching jab, crouching jap, dp with Ryu. I feel like it’s a bit easier than Sagat’s bnb, but maybe I’m retarded.

YEEEES! Guess what. The first time I sit down today after a long days hard work, I get the combo working! It’s amazing that I can just do it now easily after trying for an hour or so yesterday! I guess it’s because I’m coming to it fresh :slight_smile:

great, keep on practicing

Ya thats hugely helpful for me. if i can feel myself getting heated by not landing a combo ill just switch characters er go online er sumpfin. coming back with a level head deff helps your execution. I read a Q&A with daigo where he said one of the main things he focuses on when playing competitively is removing emotion from the equation.

&& if youre pissed off and just trynna mash out a combo cuz you promised yourself youd land it before you went to bed (may or may not have happened to me more than once :D) youre really doing yourself a disservice because you may start to resent the game or character but its really not your fault, youre just wound up and tired.

taking a step back and approaching a problem fresh has been hugely helpful for me in fighting games and in RL

luck to you twizman!