All Call For Evo Pics Thread!

Please post all evo2k5 pics in this thread, and show everyone how good the event was!

I got this from the mlgpro site but I uploaded them to mine.
Descrip: A typical Evo Line
Descrip:The place Evo took place
Descrip:CigarBob made that stick and it was used for the Finals…Good Shit CigarBoB
Descrip:The other side of where Evo took place.
Descrip:Two Guys playing Marvel. Mike Z and DJ-b13 are in this one. Plus a lot of my friends including Mike Z.
Descrip:Many Pros in this pic. This was the MvC 2 semi finals I think. Which where run on only 2 tv’s to make sure nobody misses something exciting.

More to come later…

fatbear (Sam) is the guy one the stick in 17_g. Just so people know.

I’m the guy in the last pic with the yellow/tannish Hurley shirt on in the last pic… but I’m turned around, so you can’t see my face. ^^

That’s me… RAPING with BLANKA!!!

god i love a3.

Until I took you off with Bison…

lol sparatik. your blanka is fucking strong. i never, ever fought an actual blanka in a3. so i had no clue on how to fight it with cody. good shit

Sparatik is that homie

the super secret real st tourney

VGO compiled all the pics together and posted on the site for everyone to check out. Its mostly stuff we’ve seen but at least everything is grouped together, so in case anyone missed anything, check it out.

Dope and with thumbnails.

All Of My Pics Will Be Online Soon With A Cool Thread…hjolla Back!!!


Did anyone take pics of the Garou and 2k2 tourney setups we had? If anyone has any to share please post them up. Thanks.\


only cute girl i’ve seen in all the evo pics.

Issac vs Taki
Soo vs Yipes

okay, there are three guys at the bottom left. Two with their backs at the camera and another who is looking at them with stoner eyes.

The one in blue is me, the one in red is my friend, the one in navy or black is Cory. Amazing. We were in a picture!

I’m scared. I went to my first tourney and somebody got a picture of me! Thanks for making Evo such a worthwile adventure. Hope to attend next year as well if college doesn’t get in the way. (hoping to become a computer animator to make animations for fighting games!!)

Tado has a whole tape and a half of Evo footage. Good times, thanks again!

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