All Call, SRK needs your Dreamcasts and PS3s

Due to the high number of equiptment failure at Evo West and no time to find used dreamcasts, we are calling on the players to help out.

To run a high player participation tournament, we need lots of equiptment. If you have a Dreamcast you dont use, and is sitting somewhere where it isnt being played, we would love to buy it off of you for a fair price. If you are still using it, we would love to borrow it for the MvC2 tournament and you can have it back immediately after.

Also PS3s with Tekken 5:DR and/or Virtua fighter 5, we would love to borrow those systems for the tournament.

Thanks for helping us out.

I can bring a Dreamcast; don’t wanna sell it, but I’d be happy to lend it to you for tournament use.

Edit: Also have a PS2 to DC converter. You need those or not?

Do you need the wires, because I don’t have the wires on me, but I’ll be happy to lend it to you.


I have a broken one…

we have all the wires, if the dreamcast works, bring it to evo!


i’ll dust mine off.

ill bring my dc just in case, it has some trouble reading cds but give it some trys and it should work.

So I don’t need to bring cables along?

For some reason, I laughed for a good minute.

If you have cables great, if not im sure we will have some extras on hand.

Alright, sounds good. I’ll bring it all.

I’ll have my DC there playing Power Stone. I’ll lend it to you guys when it’s time to start the Marvel tourney, otherwise I’ll be using it.

wiz, want us to bring copies of mvc2 also(original copies that is)? my dc is already in my bag im taking

i have a dc, but i also dont have cables, not selling but ill lend it to you guys for the tourney

i also have the ps2 version of marvel with my ps2 that im bringing, you guys want that as well?

I have a DC with mvc2 with memory card and with a controlla pad. alll perfectt shapee exceptt the pad cuz the button kinda look likee it stuck downn there butt is still finee to mee so i dunno. im planning sellinngg all myy DC stuff so ye PM me.

I’ll have to see if mine still works. I don’t think I can get the wires out though.

i’ll sell srk my DC if Bacardi remembers to bring it (big if!). i told him i wanted to sell it to srk for a good cause last night and he kept making offers to beat what Wizard offered me. who knew such serious marvel players existed in connecticut…

Please remember to tag/label/mark your DC ahead of time with tape/sticker/marker/plastered face of yourself on it so we don’t have to worry about it when you guys bring it in. It would help us so much when we’re busy handling registrations/setups/other things we have to do. I don’t even know where my DC is. Maybe I left it at EVO last year. lol.

how broken are they?

aren’t there are a bunch of people that know how to fix em in the tech section?

Hey Wiz and company,

Someone in san diego is selling 2 DCs and 4 Controllers with games

hope this helps u guys out