All CigarBoB Events Canceled

Let me just clear this up.

Due to mainly Family issues I am unable to complete the cabinets and to secure any extra time or funds to go to evo. Not to mention I just started a new job as of Monday.

I do not care to go into any details about either my family or the employment as they are both very dificult to explain.

I am personlay sorry to anyone that was looking forward to my events. But I can assure you that I am the most disapointed of all.

Good luck to all.


Sorry to hear that CB, VS casuals were pretty much the reason I was going to Evo.

Hopefully things work themselves with you and the family, and that it isn’t too serious / troublesome of an issue.


hope things work out better for you in time.
take care and peace.

hey man, im gonna miss YOU not being there…

'twas a valiant effort.

Good luck with things at home.

Good luck to you Neil hope everything works out for you in the near future. I enjoyed the tourneys that i played in that you helped run and hope to see you around when shit works out. We’ll have to play some ST again sometime.


Good luck Bob. Your cabinets were gonna be the first thing that I would see when I get to Evo.

Shit Neil…

was hopin to drop by you and the large crowd of people you usually had…

needless to say… Vegas Evo will NOT be the same without you


congrads on your new job I know how that be can starting fresh on a new gig. Everyone has something with the fam that comes up just sux all this affected you attending EVO.

GL in this knew under taking!!!

Bullshit. That’s the only word to describe this, because that’s exactly how I feel about it.

It absolutely sucks you can’t be at the biggest event of the year, since you did so much for it last year. You know how much we all appreciated your efforts, Neil.

The only thing I can ask is this: If I found some way to financially help you to get to EVO, would you reconsider? Feel free to say no, but I guarantee you I can start a fund and get something going, if that is the problem.

TRUST ME, everybody wants to see you at EVO and if money is the problem, we are more than willing to fix that problem for you. So please reply!

NOTE: I have also requested that EVO/SRK staff contact you in this regard, so expect to hear from them soon.

dayyuuum. i hope u’ll fare ok. nothing wrong with keeping your priorities straight - don’t sweat it, it could always be worse. i hope all will be well. hope to see u (and the cabinets:wgrin: ) next year. :angel:

p.s. dsp, plug me into that fund.

Hey Cigarbob,

Good luck to you and hope things go well with you and your family. We'll miss you at the tourney, but family comes first.

Hope everything works out Neil.

P.S. I hate you. :wink:

Getting Neil to this year’s Evo is the last thing we should be talking about right now.

Neil, I hope everything goes well for you and that whatever is ailing you or the ones you love gets resolved quickly and painlessly.

Take care of yourself, and we hope to see you the following year twice as strong as ever!!

  • James

aww sucks you can’t come i was gonna bring you a bottle of cocoa butter lotion

You will be dearly missed. :sad:

Like DSP said, if money is the biggest issue, I’m sure that we can get enough support to send you to Evo. Just let us know.

If money’s not the main issue, then I simply wish you the best of luck in getting everything back to normal.


Handle your bidness cause at the end of the day, it’s just fucking street fighter you know? personal life is wayyyy more important. I have no doubt in my mind we’ll see each other once again. But if there is anything you need - such as vic giving you a reach around or some dope tzw combo videos on vhs, let me know.


Good luck, man. Things could always be worse, you know- at least you’ve secured employment.

See you next year.

We all still love you.