All digital frame, laser cut MDF wood


Hey everyone,

Just finished my latest arcade frame, made from laser cut white melamine veneer on MDF. First step was creating the assembly in CAD ( is the free software I use):

Once everything looked like it would work the parts are laser cut from one large sheet of material:

The first step in assembly was creating these corner pieces. The structure of the frame is held together with four corner pieces with brass threaded inserts embedded on 4 sides of each corner. To accomplish this, the laser cut pieces are glued together and interlocked together to form 1/2-inch MDF walls that the threaded inserts can grab onto. It’s difficult to convey how hefty each of these corners are.

Once the corners are done, it’s just a matter of fastening all the screws to the corners. Almost done assembling:

Ready for parts! Four thumbscrews offer tool-less access to internals

Digitally designing and making the frames can have a lot of benefits, but I do it mostly because I know how to over more traditional wood working processes. Thanks for looking, happy to help out or answer questions if you’d like to learn more.


hi guys, does anyone has the artwork or template (in psd format real size) of the vewlix cabinet (one player)…I need it because i m modding a desk to a vewlix, thank’s in advance


Dude what the fuck does that have to do with this guy’s thread??

@cudbur That laser cut MDF looks clean as fuck.


wrong thread, a mistake sorry




this is pretty nice for MDF. do you plan on making more and selling them?


maybe some future MK panels, a slim mk case would be dope. still dig the six button sega layout too