All Emulators: no video processing/filtering after new video card? Help?


Okay, on my PC’s onboard video, I can play any system/MAME emulator and when stretched to to anything above default, I get like this filter that smooths out the graphics, kind of like the x2Sai/SuperEagle, ect stuff, but not as artificial as those.

After adding a video card, I don’t have the filters? Is there a command to add them back? Or anything I can do? I play emulators on a 42 1080p set, and it is night and day. With the smoothing ST or Alpha, and some GBA stuff looked really good. Without it, it’s a super-pixelated mess, like too ugly to play. I dont see the options in any of the emulators, or know what to do?



Sounds like upscaling is barfing somewhere.


It will be some time before i can get pics with the card in. My PSU cant handle it, when I tried to play a real game at max settings my PC cut off, so the card is out ATM until I get a higher rated PSU.

Everything is the correct size, just not smoothed over, so every pixel is perfectly visible.


What is the new card?