All Evo tournaments are OPEN tournaments

There has been some confusion about the regional tournaments.

You do NOT have to win a regional tournament to play at the World Finals. Regional winners will get a bye into the semi-final brackets, so they will not have to compete in the pools. The world finals are open to ALL competitors, as usual.

And remember, regional tournaments still function like tournaments, so you can win cash for placing. Win/Win situation.

About the regional tournies, how will seeds be given out for finals? I mean, winner only? top 3, top 8 get seeds? I need to know so I can decide if it’s worth it or not to go to a regional tourney or not. thx in advance.

What he said. Though I’ll be going regardless!!! :laugh:

Since the qualifiers are more or less run as normal tournaments, will you be allowed to enter both if you qualify in the first? In other words, after qualifying, can you still enter the other tournament just for the money/competition?

So you’re saying anyone can compete at EVO as long as they have the money?

Boss - Yes.

Inkblot - You did goddo by posting this. I suggest you also ut in in big words at teh Evo website. Many people will just check the net once, some by a friend, and they’ll go directly to the site. Better safe than sorry :slight_smile:

I’m still waiting to hear about how the Seeding is going to happen.

Are international players automatically getting bumped past the pools too, or do we scrubs who don’t qualify at Evo East/West but go to Vegas get to play them in pools?

I know for a fact, that last year Japanese, UK and Korean players all played in the pools as well. Well for T5 at least. I assume it was the same for all 2D games also.

Yeah, I got owned by a UK guy in the pools. 3s just to clairfy.

Curious? How come they did not have any south regional tournaments? >.> like yall know the answer. I never get any competition for fighters down here. TX is the worst place to find matchups. its too damn big, and im not willing to use gas like crazy for a matchup. sigh

Cuz people in Texas talk funny. :razz:

Seriously, I dunno. I guess they just figured there’d be a bigger crowd for East/West tournaments. Texas Showdown usually draws big crowds and big name players though.

In any event I dunno if I’ll be making it down to any of the qualifier matches. It’d be good practice but I’m pretty much already set on going to Evo if I can find a good deal on plane tickets.