All fightpads work now?


AFAIK new shipment of fightpads arrived in stores about a week ago.
Anyone got one of the ‘new’ shipment which is fully-working?
And who got a new one that aint working?
I wanna know if they improved the quality after all the problems.

*Im actually not so sure its a new shipment, probably yes since lots of stores got them again.



I got a release day Ryu fightpad for the 360 and the upper left diagonal only worked under extreme pressure. Jumping in that direction is hit or miss. You would have to make a conscious effort to apply more pressure instead of having motions come off during natural presses.

Fast forward to today and last week I got an Akuma fightpad from the capcom store. I’m not seeing the same issue with the directional pad (specifically the upper left diagonal issue) but haven’t given it a ton of playtime either due to my fancy sticks.


I have the original stock of ChunLi and Blanka fightpads for PS3 and don’t have significant issues with them (and yes, using both at same time). Something is up with the ChunLi one – I can’t do 2x QCF as well as the Blanka, but that could just be part of breaking it in.


Sometimes, my character will jump constantly without me pressing anything. But this happens about 5% of the time when I use the Chunli 360 pad or Ryu PS3 pad.


Something to watch out for —

I bought a Blanka FightPad recently for a buddy of mine, and it seems to get stuck in the “up” directional sometimes. To remedy it, you have to press and hold up with significantly more pressure in order for it to return to neutral. It’s not a huge problem as it doesn’t happen all the time, but you’d rather it didn’t do that at all, obviously.


Got a Chun for Xbox360 and the left direction needs to be pushed a lot harder than the others to register.

I need to put some weight into it just to block sometimes, never mind doing QCB


I guess all those broken ones would make great 8button pcbs…maybe you can sell them and get one of the new versions.


I wouldn’t say that, I have an early 360 fightpad that randomly shuts off. I’ll get a message to reconnect the controller so I’ll have to unplug it and plug it back in to get it working again. NOT FUN during a match. All buttons and directions work though. But then again, it only happens maybe once in a couple weeks of casual on-off play.


Hmm, not sure if most of you got the ‘old’ ones since no one said to have a recent one.
But as I notice, all problems are about the Dpad itself. The only cause could be the rubber underneath the Dpad breaking off. For those who got a malfunctioning Dpad and have a rubber of another controller to swap with, swap it and please let me know how it turns out. :wgrin: (if you can’t return the fightpad)

Anyway, more feedbacks appreciated (with date: lets say before or after 20 april)!!!
So just like this i.e.: before 20 april, Dpad not responding.

Thanks again


Got my fightpad shipped from amazon April 24, directly sold from them, so is not an old one.
The pad disconnects randomly from the usb dongle. The pad itself feels good and I can pull all kinds of moves consistently but it just disconnects.