All fightstick 18in enclosure and fits American parts

Update. Will sell unit without the optic joystick. The antivandles switches stay as the shell was custom built around it. U can pick up the whole unit for 300$. I’m taking off the final wrap on it and cleaning g it up back to its original luster. The optic modded il lorenzo I will sell separate and will be 90$. That’s a pretty good deal. Of course buyer pays shipping and I’ll cover the amount total in insurance. Everything will be packaged up very tigjt and supported. My dad was a ups driver for 55 years and can pack up very professional. Feel free to also just offer a price. If its reasonable enough for me then maybe we can work something out. My money is tight these days and that’s why I’m selling off my prized stuff for legitimate prices. U can skip anyone here as well that I sell my products at honest prices and usually always throw in free stuff to make the buyer feel like they are getting a great deal. With this package I’ll probley throw in a free dreamcast pcb from a green goblin stick! Yea free stuff baby!!!

Up for sale is my custom 18" allfightsick case. Its extra fat to fit il lorenzo products. Its custom powder coated yellow and green. It comes with another joystick adapter plate if u want to use a Japanese or Korean lever as well. It has custom anti vandal buttons for the R3, L3, Home, start, select, touchpad & turbo functions. The bottom has a cut out with plexiglass to see the insides of the case. The case will come with all hardware to assemble, 7 antivandle buttons, dragonball z artwork(u can do what u please with it) secondary joystick plate to swap from American to Japanese or Korean levers, will come with a perfect 360 optical encoder and a modded il lorenzo joystick with a happ actuator for the optic sensor. Basically u get a perfect 360 joystick with the case. I will not break these items up. They are a package deal with the case. It will also come with a jansens custom creations te2 style neutrik and a rj45 neutrik with rubber garments backers. Total package is 400$ I’ll pay shipping fees as well as long as it in the united states and excluding Hawaii and Alaska. The joystick alone can sell easy for 150$ the case is 250$ and that’s a steel because I paid around 420$ for it when I bought it. 400$ for everything shipped out besides the two states I mentioned above.

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