All found! Please close

UPDATE: HDD found! Thanks kubebot! :bgrin:

UPDATE AGAIN: Chrome DVD drive bezel and button found! Thanks cmyman! Now I can close this thread.

I think I still have my old chrome bezel from my 360. I’ll be back up in Oregon in ~4 days so if you haven’t found one by that time I’ll see what I can do :tup:

Hey, thanks a bunch Dintrao! I’ll keep you in mind if nobody comes at me before then.

I know I have both of the chrome pieces somewhere, I just can’t find the damn things. If I can find them before Dintrao gets back, I’ll let you know. And damn, I wish you put up this thread a week ago, I had a 120gb then. I’ll keep looking for the chrome.

Bummer! I kept telling him he should’ve gotten an HDD sooner, but he didn’t take my advice. I would’ve loved to buy that 120GB HDD from you kitsunisan. :sad:

Small bump, I’m still looking for a hard drive at this point!

I’m tempted to sell my 250gb, If I can find a usable usb drive somewhere then I probably wouldn’t mind parting with it shrug


PM received and reply sent! :tup:

HDD has been found! Thanks a lot kubebot! :tup:

Still looking for a chrome bezel. Dintrao, you still considering selling yours?

PM’ed about the chrome bezel

Hey, cmyman, I got your PM! Expect a reply shortly. :tup: