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Doesnt matter what kind, just NOT wireless. It can be used. Shoot me a PM!

How much are you looking to spend? I have one in excellent condition w/ all Il buttons, red Il stick and sanwa 24’s for start/select.

I guess i would ask you first. What would you need to het out of it to be worth your while? I have no idea what they go for these days.

Edit: oh its you :slight_smile: hey again

I might add that if i can save money by you keeping parts im all for it

Lol its me again. I have no use for the parts if I get rid of the case lol. It also has wiring for everything incl a harness for the stick to use a jlf 5-pin harness. Ill grab you a pick in a few minutes

Is this dual modded?

It has a mcctulhu i would be removing.

Fair enough. How much are you looking for?

IDK, $65 shipped. Shes a big one so shipping wont be cheap.

Its a deal! PM me your paypal

Stick found, need 360 PCB

I have one I can pull from a SCV te. Would you need the daughter board and distribution board as well?

Would i be missing anything or run into any issues if i only use the main PCB? What are the benefits if using the other two?

The distribution board just makes access to the button signals easier, and if you use the main pcb, i believe the joystick would control only the D Pad. There is still access to the guide button but you would not have the leds, lock switch, or LS/DP/RS slider

I would be interested in the main pcb and distribution board if you are willing to sell them. If not, the main pcb will do.

I can do that. PM sent

i can do a brand new 360 pcb from a brawl stick for $30 shipped. usb cable and daughter board included