All Gem Names and Descriptions on Disc *spoilers*

So today I figured out the m4s format, which Capcom uses to localize the games. For example, the game will load up say, ID_GMC_NAM_1511, and the m4s file for the current language can map that to “Partner lands a counter hit.”

So, I started looking at random m4s’s to poke around!
If SRK would rather me not post things like this, I won’t. I don’t advocate piracy, but I am having fun datamining the disc for info :smiley:

Anyways, this text dump contains the info from two m4s files from the gem selection menu. Enjoy, Discuss, Rage, whatever.

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77 (‘ID_GMC_NAM_1447’, u’Special Moves become very easy to do (refer to the Command List for details).’)
78 (‘ID_GMC_NAM_1446’, u’Special Moves become easier to do (refer to the Command List for details).’)
79 (‘ID_GMC_NAM_1445’, u’Command inputs revert to normal standards.’)
80 (‘ID_GMC_NAM_1444’, u’Command inputs must be more precise for Special Moves.’)

This explains the 4 sets of Inputs I found for each move.

nifty. a lot of stuff i expected.

Pay to win

So is motivation related to the Cross Assault CPU getting stronger?

also some interesting stuff that looks like negatives for the opponent maybe?
weirdness. and activation conditions that seem based on other gems activating which seemed like an obvious direction to go.

pay to win is a bit harsh.

Here is some more!

Street Fighter/Tekken EXCLUSIVE gems confirmed.
That post I made a few days ago…CONFIRMED!
2 (‘ID_STR_MNU_0015’, u’System Expansion & Tools’)
18 (‘ID_STR_MNU_1003’, u’A list of additional tools and expansions for the game.’)

Say wut now?

The paste bin goes Gem Name, Gem Activation Conditions, Gem Effects

I saw a gem about having autotech, autoblock and no chip damage, saw a gem about making combos harder to do on you when airborne, some other no chip damage gem, etc.

This isn’t the direction fighters should evolve towards.

Anything else I should look for?

Well. nothing seems to be about a random package of gems. so that’s a relief at least.
still it’s a bit depressing to see how greatly they want to nickel and dime the game. divide it into tiny tiny pieces and sell it. not so much a fan of that.

I believe this is fine as long as you don’t tell people how to do this.

The locked/DLC gems are so obviously better than the default gems, I’m really hoping the TOs/community agree to ban gems or ban locked/DLC gems. It’s so blatantly pay to win, you got free RPG shit leaking into fighters.

I have a vested interest in this because I don’t want to see other fighters pull this shit.

You do realize this is a list of random strings of information related to gems, and that some of these may be completely unused, or unlockable gems through gameplay?

You’re pretty optimistic. Never change.

Dantarion, I saw there are parameters for us to effect AI in this bcm file.

Does that means we can make AI smarter and harder in SFxTK by ourself?

Are there exist similar parameters to effect AI in SSF4AE as well?

Can your tool change the parameters to effect AI?

95 (‘ID_GMC_NAM_1451’, u’Whatever actions you are doing will be canceled into a block.’)

Anti-whiff punish gem? :expressionless:

I think that is a gem effect. I.E. It has some activation condition, and when it activates, you autoblock the next attack?

I am working on making a new set of tools to view/edit the moveset files, including the AI weights. Should be crossplatform too

I don’t think so. The fact that it says will be canceled is unsettling. Probably would let you cancel anything into block for a meter, but even then that would be way too good.

Thanks for all your work, btw. This sure is intriguing.

Thanks a lot, I wish this tool can work on both SFxTK and SSF4AE as well.

Because I watch CPU vs CPU match a lot on SSF4AE PC,
and always wish some chars’ AI can be stronger against others.

If there is tool for us to tweak AI, it would be really useful for CPU vs CPU match.

not sure where you see all these numbers that give you the idea they’re flat superior. I doubt they’ll be simply superior. More likely they’ll be more specific.
i hope they don’t ban anything to be honest but whatever. only because there’s a large open door with a lot of possibilities. shutting it prematurely is really silly.

the potential in gems is interesting so i wouldn’t jump to “BAN EVERYTHING WE DONT KNOW ABOUT”

They are superior. Most of the ones you pay for have the same activation conditions and buffs that the free ones have, except they have no negative effects like -% whatever