All Girls NorCal Tourney?


Thinking about putting together an all girls tourney, but wanted to check what the interest would be first. Chime in if you are! :wgrin:


yo if i tuck my shit can i roll?


Norcal girls don’t play blazblue :zzz:





I’d love to see this happen. In fact… I know a few women that might enter if so.


Damn, you stole my idea :rofl:
Tuckin in my shit, dressin myself up, and signing up as SaikyoSkank :rofl:


Is the SoCal girl scene that much larger that you guys have to resort to tuckin! LOL.


This is GameBrawd, where do I sign up?


I’d say no, since I’m still hearing drama stemming from the original “ladies night” tourney at AI.

I also find it fairly demeaning towards women. Video games aren’t a physical activity where men automatically have perceived advantages. They’re a challenge of mental strength and should be an equal playing field. There’s no reason why women can’t and shouldn’t compete with men in video games. Regulating them to a side-show isn’t a good alternative to a lack of motivation.




p.s, i’ve never lost to a girl in a video game ever


And they don’t play Blazblue!!


:lol: I would like to see more females play games. Know some that do but very few that would play competitively like in a tourny. Especially in a fighting game. Most girls I know that play games play smash or halo :lol::confused::wgrin:


No GloveGirls allowed.


So I’ve gotten a few PMs from some of you on this thread. It sounds like we actually have enough for a small tourney. At a minimum a bracket of 8 and maybe even 16.


Where you gonna host it if you decide to run one? Would be interesting to see girls Ultra on that IV. Hopefully I don’t work that day :wasted:


As a side tourney, I think it’s a good idea, as a standalone event, I think it would be pretty boring. I would get to know how my gf feels when I bring her to tournaments…




I would not waste my time going to an all girls tourney unless it was Japan. American girl gamers are extremely lacking with only a handful of them actually being able to grasp the competitive necessities to succeed. The only game I have seen to have a large chunk of “decent” female players is World of Warcraft and that is because it has a higher population than any other game out there. Oh they are good at rhythm and dance games. and cooking.

But for serious… You won’t get a high turnout and it wouldn’t be something that is that interesting as Nor Cal females consist of maybe Juicy Box for SF4, Super Yan for Tekken, and like 3 girls from the UC Davis Smash Brothers club for that shitty Brawl game.


can we do single ladies tournament? kthxbye



Ouch!! Don’t take any offense to this, but it’s attitudes like this that keep girls from playing certain games. There’s no reason a girl can’t be as good as a guy at fighting games, it’s not like it’s a physical sport like football where most guys can use their strength to their benefit. It’s a game, it involves strategy, mind work, and fast finger movements. This is probably why women, like myself, can feel hesitant about attending tourney’s or events, because most of the time we don’t recieve the same support as men do.