All gone. please close


All gone. thanks for the business!


price drop on 4716. added 2 like new Toodles cthulhu.


So the 360 board is easily hooked up the wireharness? Or will I have to solder onto the joystick


on the d-pad up, down, left, right, and ground are soldered. so just strip the ends and connect them to your wiring harness. i think it just looks cleaner this way, since the ground on joystick isn’t daisy chained along with the grounds on the buttons.


prices lowered and added new pics


cthulhus sold


PM sent


all PM replied. prices lowered. added new items.


price drops


Can you hold those rollie buttons for me? I’m interested in them and I have a few people who owe me some cash that should be paying me this week. I could really use those. :slight_smile:


sure thing, shoot me a PM when you’re ready


rollie buttons sold


good prices. wow


How many of these do u have?


how many of which? the madcatz pad? one left, its the last of what i have for sale.


OK. I will PM you


Hey Im interested in that last padhacked madcats 4716, if its still up for grabs PM me.


your inbox is full. PM me when you clear up some space.


4716 sold to Veikuri



bump, new items added